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2006 ISS Teacher Summer Workshop

ECC partnering with SUNY at Buffalo on National Science Foundation DUE/ATE Grant # 0402388 has developed a set of teacher workshops specifically designed to target Information Systems Security Education, with the idea that this knowledge it will be transferred on to high school students and other concerned computer users. Teachers must complete entire sessions to receive Certificate of Completion and qualify for a stipend.

ISS Workshop Lecture and Lab 1

  • Why security?
  • Introduction to Information security
  • Introduction to risk management
  • Assets, threats, vulnerabilities, risks, controls
  • Types of malevolent attacks: Phishing, pharming, DDoS, virus Spyware, Adware,Wireless worries
  • White Hat Hacker Agreement...why?

Laboratory exercises to include but not limited to:
Getting acquainted with the Portable Educational Network, Footprinting, IP Config, DNS, Whois, Reverse DNS, and Geolocation

ISS Workshop Lecture and Lab 2

  • Security Rhumba and other steps
  • What is a firewall?, IDs? Access Control devices
  • Honeypots (enticement v. entrapment)
  • How can I check my systems vulnerabilities?
  • What do I do about them? Windows OS hardening
  • How can I secure my system?
  • What about back-up?
  • Physical Security
  • Mobiles and portable systems Laptops, hand held devices, and PDAs

Laboratory Exercises to include but not limited to:
MSBA, ZoneAlarm, Languard, Anti Virus, SpyBot, Adware, and Stinger


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