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National Centers for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education - Two Year (CAE2Y)

Erie Community College Information Assurance Program is dedicated to offering education and training across all platforms of "security". Concerns about identify theft, cyberbullying and social engineering impact upon all segments of society. ECC's programs for first responders speak to the physical aspects of security. Our ISS and Digital Forensics Certificates speak to cybercrime and cybersecurity.

Information Assurance Courseware Institutions


Erie Community College meets the needs of a diverse student body and contributes to regional economic vitality by providing excellent, flexible, affordable and accessible educational programs in a multi-campus environment committed to continuous improvement.

Strategic Intent

ECC will become a national and regional model for the community college of the 21st century. ECC wants to be known as the most student-friendly and accessible college and the place where success begins. ECC will be an inspirational choice where students of all levels of ability attend because it is the best match to their lifestyle and a respected institution among employers within higher education and throughout the region.

ISS Faculty Team: Prof. L. Kowalski, Prof. D. Kaputa, PhD., Prof. T. Kuroski, Prof. G. Gill and Prof. L. Palombo

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