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Program Description

Advanced Studies in Law Enforcement is a certificate program offered solely to area police officers holding prior certification from the Erie County Law Enforcement Academy.

Justification for this certificate is grounded in the belief that modern law enforcement demands have changed markedly from past generations, both in degree and in kind. Officers today must be well-versed in communications, computers and other applied sciences. Distinctions between blue-collar and white-collar crimes are graying. Terrorism–both foreign and domestic–is likely to forever remain a challenge to the police profession. Societal attitudes toward drunken driving and domestic violence have shifted dramatically, accompanied by shifts in criminal laws and their enforcement.

The astute, committed officer desires to maintain contemporary competence in tools of his/her trade and many wish to receive academic credit for acquiring knowledge in police technology, accident investigation, forensics, and/or other subjects critical success as a professional law enforcer. This program enables accomplishment of these goals.

Degree: Certificate
Hegis: 5505
Curriculum Code: 2079
Campus Location: North (First semester courses can be taken at any campus.)
Business & Public Service Division

Available at:

Pre-Admission Recommendations:
Sworn Police Office affiliated with a NYS certified Law Enforcement Agency
30 Semester Credit Hours of Collegiate Instruction with Quality Point Average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 System

Career Opportunities/Further Education:
Police Officer


Did You Know?

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