Mental Health Assistant - Alcohol Counseling


Total Degree Credits: 60.0

First Year, Fall Semester
AC 210 - Alcoholism as a Public Health Problem Credit Hours: 3
AC 211 - Alcoholism as an Individual and Family Problem Credit Hours: 3
MT 112 - Survey of Mathematics Credit Hours: 3 or
MT 116 - Algebra in the Real World Credit Hours: 3
EN 110 - College Composition Credit Hours: 3
PS 100 - General Psychology Credit Hours: 3

First Year, Spring Semester
AC 213 - Counseling Theories and Alcoholism Credit Hours: 3
AC 214 - Alcoholism Counseling I Credit Hours: 3
EN 111 - Composition and Interpretation of Literature Credit Hours: 3
PS 202 - Abnormal Psychology Credit Hours: 3
SO 100 - Introduction to Sociology Credit Hours: 3

Second Year, Fall Semester
SA 128 - Group Counseling Approaches in Substance Abuse Credit Hours: 3
AC 215 - Alcoholism Counseling II Credit Hours: 3
SUNY General Education - Humanities Elective Credit Hours: 3
SUNY General Education - Natural Science Elective Credit Hours: 3
SUNY General Education Requirement Credit Hours: 3*

Second Year, Spring Semester
AC 217 - Alcoholism Fieldwork I Credit Hours: 3
SA 104 - Pharmacology I Credit Hours: 3
SUNY General Education - Social Science Elective Credit Hours: 3
SA 127 - Topics in Addiction - Ethics and Confidentiality Credit Hours: 3

Summer Semester
AC 218 - Alcoholism Fieldwork II Credit Hours: 3

Note: Students must fulfill the SUNY General Education Requirement in order to graduate. The requirement calls for at least seven out of ten of SUNY's General Education areas to be fulfilled and for at least 30 credits to be taken in General Education. General Education credits can simultaneously fulfill requirements in the major. Each of the electives in the semester listings should be chosen from the approved lists in the appropriate General Education areas.

* Most students overlap at least one summer term to complete the required alcoholism course requirements before starting their two semesters of clinical internship/fieldwork. Students may substitute SA 110 for AC 214 and SA 112 for AC 211.

  • SUNY General Education - Humanities Elective: includes various courses in art (AT), music (MU), drama/theater (DT), language (FL, FR, SP), philosophy (PY) or public speaking (EN114).
  • SUNY General Education - Science Elective: Human Biology (BI 107), Nutrition (BI 169), Environmental Science (PH 120).
  • SUNY General Education Requirement: Any courses in any of the approved lists of General Education courses.
  • SUNY General Education - Social Science Elective: Human Interaction (HU 100), Human Services (HU 101, 102, 103), other sociology courses (SO).

Note: This is a recommended sequence. Students are strongly encouraged to seek academic advisement prior to course registration.

Did You Know?

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