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Program Description

The Biomanufacturing Certificate Program will provide our local business sector college graduates with the knowledge of basic biomanufacturing principles and laboratory skills necessary for entry-level employment. There is currently a significant need for entry-level biomanufacturing employees in local industry.

The target population to be served by the program would be students who have identified an interest in science, laboratory skills and manufacturing practices. The required coursework combines both didactic and laboratory instruction. The successful completion of laboratory competencies will provide the graduate the expected skills required for employment within biomanufacturing environments.

The program to train biomanufacturing technicians emphasizes the development of laboratory skills and characteristics essential to the biomanufacturing industry. The program's curriculum encompasses a concentration of courses in the manufacturing area relating to studies in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Regulatory Compliance and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), along with courses in the liberal arts, social science, sciences and mathematics. Students will also study basic laboratory skills, aseptic process and bio-safety.

Gowning supplies will be used to provide "simulated" clean-room instruction with industry-like protocols. It is imperative that students understand the environment of a clean-room and the necessary skills to perform in clean-room areas. Therefore, a simulation is imperative to ensure an understanding of working within this type of environment and will prove to be a positive factor in helping to develop student commitment, support student interest, and encourage retention.

During the last semester of the program, students will be required to complete a 160-hour internship at one of our local industry affiliates.

Degree: Certificate
Hegis: 5205
Curriculum Code: 2150
Campus Location: North
Health Sciences Division

Available at:

Pre-Admission Recommendations:
An interest in one or all of the following, science, technology, engineering and math

Career Opportunities/Further Education:
Opportunities for clean manufacturing, quality control and line operator technicians with local businesses


Did You Know?

A significant number of courses have been renumbered as part of the State University of New York's policies which promote student mobility, through transfer of academic credit, to other SUNY institutions. All courses should be numbered at the 100-200 levels. The Listing Reference contains both the old and new numbers which should aid students in their choice of courses.


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