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Program Competencies

Upon graduation with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Computer Repair Technology, the graduate will be able to:

  • Use the resistor color code and component recognition.
  • Demonstrate electronic soldering and terminating wire connections using solderless type connectors.
  • Demonstrate using electronic test instrumentation dual trace scopes, frequency counters and function generators.
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting half-wave, full-wave and bridge power supplies
  • Student will be able to troubleshoot and repair voltage doublers.
  • Prototype multistage analog and digital circuits, check these circuits for normal operation and design, and construct circuit boards for these circuits.
  • Design, construct and test digital logic circuits to meet the demands of any four input logic circuits.
  • Demonstrate basic theory and architecture of computer systems.
  • Interact with a computer system to assess its performance.
  • Disassemble and reassemble mechanical components of computer systems and adjust for proper operation.
  • Isolate system malfunction by relating program execution to specific groups of circuits.
  • Use system software to generate, operate and maintain program logos to identify failed system components.
  • Demonstrate power system operation.
  • Isolate data communications system faults to specific subsystems.

Did You Know?

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