Crime Scene Technology
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Program Description

With the sudden dramatic expansion of the field of crime scene investigation and simultaneous technological changes in criminal investigation, a serious void exists in educational opportunities for students who want to prepare for a career as an evidence collection specialist.

Erie Community College intends to assist in providing police agencies and other criminal justice or investigative organizations that need crime scene technical assistance with qualified investigators.

The Crime Scene Technology Certificate Program is designed to provide education and training in crime scene technology focusing on the collection of evidence, crime scene photography, and the processing of fingerprints. The student will learn to compare fingerprints properly and to prepare and present evidence in the courtroom.

The program may include criminal justice students, police officers, security officers, emergency responders, or individuals interested in the field of crime scene technology or forensics.

The design of this certificate program recognizes that students interested in criminal justice may not be interested in becoming a police officer, but are interested in the field of solving crimes with the use of physical evidence. This program has been designed to fulfill this desire by introducing the student to criminal justice with specialized study in the field of crime scene technology.

This is a 31-credit program designed for full- or part-time study. The first half of the curriculum includes composition and occupational communication, introduction to criminal justice and related fields in public safety.

Degree: Certificate
Hegis: 5503
Curriculum Code: 1933.CST
Campus Location: City and North
Business & Public Service Division

Available at:
City and North

Pre-Admission Recommendations:
HS or HSE Diploma

Career Opportunities/Further Education:
Evidence Collection Specialist


Did You Know?

A significant number of courses have been renumbered as part of the State University of New York's policies which promote student mobility, through transfer of academic credit, to other SUNY institutions. All courses should be numbered at the 100-200 levels. The Listing Reference contains both the old and new numbers which should aid students in their choice of courses.


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