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Program Competencies

Upon graduation with an Associate in Occupational Studies degree in Culinary Arts, the graduate will be qualified to:

  • demonstrate food preparation methods appropriate for the specific production situation and food item;
  • demonstrate a reasonable level of comfort and confidence participating in the operation of a commercial kitchen;
  • maintain a safe and sanitary environment for food preparation and service;
  • successfully complete the Sanitation Manager’s certification exam administered by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association;
  • accurately calculate adjustments in recipe yields, ingredient and recipe costs, food cost percentage, menu cost using at least two different pricing methods, fixed and labor costs;
  • make business decisions in the areas of restaurant marketing and finance;
  • identify and correctly use wines, beers and spirits in cooking and as accompaniments to food;
  • develop menus appropriate for a given clientele, considering other menu development parameters such as kitchen, staff competency, budget and food presentation;
  • analyze the nutritional composition of a recipe and be able to successfully modify and prepare dishes meeting recognized nutritional guidelines;
  • demonstrate an aesthetic sense of garnishing and food presentation with regard to color, flavor and texture;
  • successfully produce various baked goods, including but not limited to cakes, cookies, pastries, bread and rolls;
  • recognize ingredients from, and perform cooking techniques associated with, different regional, ethnic and international cuisines;
  • design a kitchen to efficiently produce and serve a pre-determined menu;
  • identify and explain the use and maintenance of all major pieces of kitchen equipment; and
  • effectively communicate verbally and in writing with superiors, peers, subordinates and customers in both work and social settings.

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