Geographic Information Systems Software Application Specialist


Total Degree Credits: 31.0

First Year, Fall Semester
GP 140 - Introduction to Geospatial Technology Credit Hours: 3
GP 150 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Credit Hours: 4
EN 110 - College Composition Credit Hours: 3
Area Elective Credit Hours: 3-4
Area Elective Credit Hours: 3-4

First Year, Spring Semester
GP 250 - Geographic Information Systems Skills and Techniques Credit Hours: 4
GP 290 - Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems Credit Hours: 4
GP 295 - GIS Internship Credit Hours: 4 (GP 295 is an optional course and not required for the GIS Certificate.)
EN 111 - Composition and Interpretation of Literature Credit Hours: 3
Area Elective Credit Hours: 3-4
Area Elective (Optional) Credit Hours: 3-4
Math Elective MT 125 or above Credit Hours: 3 -4

Recommended area electives:

Students may wish to augment their GIS studies with concentrations in other disciplines, such as Criminal Justice, Environmental Science, Marketing, Civil Engineering, Social Science, or Computer Science. Students will choose from the following list of area electives (or other areas of interest to the student) in consultation with their adviser according to their particular interests and career goals. This list is suggestive and is not meant to be exclusive of other options.

BU 131 - Computer Applications in Business Credit Hours: 3
CS 121 - Computer Science I Credit Hours: 4
CS 215 - Web Development and Programming I Credit Hours: 4
DA 261 - Database Concepts Credit Hours: 4
GP 101 - Introduction to Physical Geography Credit Hours: 3
GP 103 - Introduction to Human Geography Credit Hours: 3
SO 100 - Introduction to Sociology Credit Hours: 3
PH 120 - Environmental Science Credit Hours: 3
Criminal Justice courses
Computer Science courses
Business (Marketing) courses
Social Science courses

Did You Know?

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