Occupational Therapy Assistant
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Total Degree Credits: 69.5

First Year, Fall Semester
OT 101 - Introduction to OT Credit Hours: 2
OT 102 - Occupational Performance Credit Hours: 3
BI 150 - Anatomy and Physiology I Credit Hours: 3
BI 151 - Laboratory for BI 150 Credit Hours: 1.5
EN 110 - College Composition Credit Hours: 3
PS 100 - General Psychology Credit Hours: 3

First Year, Winter Intersession
OT 141 - Research of Community Practice Credit Hours: 1

First Year, Spring Semester
OT 120 - Human Occupation Across the Life Span Credit Hours: 3
OT 130 - Occupational Therapy Interventions Credit Hours: 4
OT 140 - Professional Issues Credit Hours: 1
OT 150 - Therapeutic Use of Self Credit Hours: 1
BI 152 - Anatomy and Physiology II Credit Hours: 3
BI 153 - Laboratory for BI 152 Credit Hours: 1.5
EN 114 - Public Speaking Credit Hours: 3
PS 202 - Abnormal Psychology Credit Hours: 3

First Year, Summer Session
OT 160 - Level 1 Clinical Practice Credit Hours: 1.5
SO 100 - Introduction to Sociology Credit Hours: 3

Second Year, Fall Semester
OT 200 - Psychosocial Rehabilitation Credit Hours: 3
OT 209 - Physical Disabilities Practices Credit Hours: 3
OT 210 - Physical Disabilities Credit Hours: 2
OT 219 - Disabilities of Development & Aging Credit Hours: 3
OT 222 - Technology in Documentation and Research Credit Hours: 1
OT 256 - Biomechanics in OT Credit Hours: 2

Second Year, Spring Semester
OT 239 - Level II-A Clinical Practice Credit Hours: 6
OT 251 - Level II-B Clinical Practice Credit Hours: 6

Note: The program is designed to be completed in two years for full-time students. The curriculum above is a recommended sequence. Due to heavy curriculum requirements, coursework can best be accommodated by the full-time student by completing the program in three years. Students should consult their academic advisor prior to registering. For students attending part-time, the program can be completed within no more than four years.

Each Level II fieldwork is eight weeks in length and supervision by an OTR or COTA or both is provided. Fieldwork must be completed within 20 months of the didactic coursework for the OTA program.

CS 101 Computer Literacy must be completed before enrolling in OT 101 Introduction to OT.  Students must demonstrate competency in computer use including ability to use databases and search engines to access information, word process for writing, and PowerPoint.

Students must complete HT 200 Standard First Aid equivalency of 1 credit, or take HT 201 or EG 009 before enrolling in OT 239 and OT 251 clinical practice. See department advisor to determine the appropriate selection of this course that best meets student need.

Did You Know?

ECC is a member of the State University of New York (SUNY) System, and is fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Many of the professional curricula are also accredited by specialized agencies.


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