Radiation Therapy Technology
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Program Competencies

Upon graduation with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Radiologic Technology: Radiation Therapy Technology, the graduate will be able to:

  • deliver a planned course of radiation therapy;
  • verify the mathematical accuracy of the prescription for radiotherapy;
  • maintain daily records and document technical details of the radiotherapy treatment administered;
  • observe the clinical progress of the patient undergoing radiation therapy, observe the first signs of any complications and determine when treatment should be withheld until a physician may be consulted;
  • provide patient care and comfort essential to radiation therapy procedures;
  • within the scope of practice for a radiation therapy technologist, detect equipment malfunctions, report same to the proper authority and know the safe limits of equipment operation;
  • understand the functions, limitations and utilization of radiotherapy equipment;
  • apply the rules and regulations for radiation safety, detect radiation hazards and other hazards to patient welfare within the scope of practice for the radiation therapy technologist;
  • simulate and plan a prescribed course of radiotherapy treatment;
  • construct immobilization and beam-directional devices for external beam radiotherapy;
  • assist in the preparation of brachytherapy sources, calibration of radiotherapy equipment and the maintenance of quality assurance procedures and records;
  • assist in exam room procedures, patient follow-up, patient educational procedures for the radiotherapy patient;
  • provide certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • communicate clearly and effectively in written, verbal and nonverbal form; and
  • demonstrate an awareness of the ethical and legal responsibilities of radiation therapy technologists.

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