Networking and Telecommunications Technology
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Program Description

Connectivity between electronic devices has revolutionized the way that we interact with each other and the rest of the world. Modern communication depends on the equipment and delivery systems that create a variety of networks in every home, business, educational institution, hospital and plant throughout the country. These information delivery systems are vital to our lives and the economy, and Networking and Telecommunication equipment technicians are needed to keep these systems functioning properly.

The purpose of the Networking and Telecommunications Technology Program is to prepare students with the skills needed to operate, install, maintain and repair both analog and digital systems that are found in local, regional and world-wide networks. Students will work with specialized networking and telecommunications equipment employing advanced transmission methods. The degree program runs concurrently with the Verizon NextStep program*, offered at more than 20 schools in New York and New England. This relationship with the NextStep program assures that the technologies studied are current and applicable to both the telecommunications system installed today and the systems that are planned for tomorrow.

Two thirds of the credit hours required for graduation in this program are networking and telecommunications courses, with heavy emphasis on laboratory and hands-on experience. Specific networking and telecommunications courses are supplemented with over 20 hours of coursework divided among math, English and general education electives. We also place students in internships to further enhance their education.

Graduates of this program have employment opportunities as computer and network support technicians, structured cabling system installers, business telephone systems installation and support, telephone technicians, LAN/WAN support, network communications specialist, satellite/ cable television technician, field service, technical help desk specialist, and technical sales representatives.

*The Verizon NextStep program is restricted to Verizon employees. Applicants must meet the necessary requirements as defined by their contract.

Degree: Associate in Applied Science
Hegis: 5310
Curriculum Code: 1022
Campus Location: South, Distance
Engineering & Technologies Division

Available at:
South, Distance

Recommended H.S. Courses And/Or Experiences:
3 Years of Math
2 Years of Science
2 Years of Vocational Electives (Electronics/Communication Specialty)
Cisco Network Academy

Career Opportunities/Further Education:
Networking and Telecommunications
Local/Wide Area Network Support
Computer Support
Voice/Video/Data Network Support
Analog and Digital Telephone Systems
Cable, Television, and Alarm Firms


Did You Know?

A significant number of courses have been renumbered as part of the State University of New York's policies which promote student mobility, through transfer of academic credit, to other SUNY institutions. All courses should be numbered at the 100-200 levels. The Listing Reference contains both the old and new numbers which should aid students in their choice of courses.


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