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Program Competencies

Upon completion of the Web-Network Technology Certificate Program, the student will be able to:

  • perform the client-side design, development, testing and debugging of a basic Web site including the human-computer interface, look and feel, usability, hypertext, linked Web pages, style sheets, graphics, multimedia, scripting languages, dynamic Web pages and navigation mechanisms;
  • perform the server-side design, development, testing and debugging of services required for basic Web sites, including the ability to respond to information requests and operations that require database queries, insertions and updates;
  • address the fundamentals of issues such as deployment, scalability and testing;
  • explain the basics of network technology for intranets and internets including topics such as hardware essentials, data transmission, communication mechanisms, protocols, levels of abstraction, topologies and architectures;
  • use leading industry standard development tools, languages and approaches to develop Web network pages and software. Languages include programming, scripting and markup languages. Approaches include object-oriented design and programming;
  • explain and provide examples of the following in industry: Web-network technology applications, usage of internets, intranets, extranets, and development practices and procedures, standards (e.g., W3C standards), ethics and security; and
  • work as a member of a team whose responsibility is to perform software engineering projects including the design, development, testing and debugging of software for an intranet or Internet Web site.

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