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South Campus

At the South Campus Audrey Bard Center, Room 4212, tutoring is available in mathematics, English, writing, word processing, and study skills. Tutoring is conducted on drop-in and by appointment basis. In addition to tutoring, the center offers a supportive atmosphere, a quiet place to work, and many reference materials. Please call (716) 851-1762 for more information.

City Campus

A wide array of tutoring services are available at City Campus, with most centers located on the third floor. No appointment is necessary.

Math Lab, Room 364: Students may receive individual or group tutoring. Copies of math tests given at City Campus, and corresponding videotapes are available.

English Skills Center, Room 360: Students can receive assistance with any writing assignment. Ideas and guidelines for successful writing are provided.

Language Lab, Room 358: This lab is available for students taking Spanish, as well as students involved in the ESL curriculum.

Science Skills Center, Room 339: This lab assists students in the areas of biology, anatomy, physiology, environment, chemistry, and nutrition.

ESL Student Support Lab, Room 200: The Student Support Lab helps ESL students with English, math, and computer needs. For more information, please go to English as a Second Language.


North Campus

Tutoring is available at North Campus in a variety of subjects, including math, English, physics, and business administration. No appointment is necessary and lab hours are posted on the doors of each lab.

  • Math Learning Center - Library, Room 110
  • English Skills Center - Library, Room 102
  • Physics Lab - Kittinger Hall, Room 118
  • Business Administration - Bretschger Hall, Room 304

Computer Skills Center
Math Learning Center

Program Showcase

Dental Assisting

Primarily trained to assist the dentist during chair side procedures, a licensed dental assistant may also perform a variety of supportive services under direct supervision of the dentist.


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