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Honors Program

Erie Community College offers an Honors Program to students of high academic ability with a commitment to enriching their education.

The mission of Erie Community College's Honors Program is to challenge academically talented students, providing them with an enriched Liberal Arts education in order to nurture learning, build character and promote leadership, ensuring that their undergraduate opportunity is an educationally rewarding experience.

To graduate with recognition from the Honors Program, students must complete at least three Honors courses and a capstone experience. Students will select three Honors-designated courses, with the option to take one Honors course in the student's major area of study. The capstone experience may be an Honors Capstone Seminar course which focuses on the development of critical thinking skills, or an Honors capstone component added to an already existing class.

Some benefits of the program include: small Honors classes, working with peers who share an enthusiasm for learning, an opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships and awards, publication and presentation opportunities, and undergraduate research opportunities.

Students may apply to the Erie Community College Honors Program at the time of their application to the college. Students may also apply to the program in subsequent semesters. Although the high school record is strongly considered in admitting students to the programit is not the only consideration. Those students with the ability and a keen interest in education are also encouraged to apply. Final screening is done through the college placement test and a personal interview with the Honors Coordinator. Once accepted into the program, all Honors students must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA.

The Honors Program is open to both full and part-time students in any degree program. Additional information can be obtained from the Honors Coordinator, the offices of the campus Assistant Academic Deans or from the Admissions Office.

Honors Program

Dr. Sabrina Caine
Honors Coordinator

City Campus, Room 405
Phone: (716) 851-1720


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