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Bursar Office
Student Account Information

Registration Statement/Invoice

Bills are handed to you at the time of registration. Your Registration Statement/Invoice lists your registered courses as well as your charges to the college.

The payment due date will be printed on the Registration/Invoice on the left hand bottom side.

The Registration Statement/Invoice will include charges calculated according to credit hour. The bill also lists the credits (deferments) for any authorized (actual) financial aid and any previous payments made for the semester.

Making Payments

For your convenience, students can make payments 24 hours a day. To make a payment, click on the MyECC logo in the top, right hand side of the web page and enter in your username and password. Once you are in the MyECC portal, click on the Financial Information link on the left under the QuickLaunch Navigation to expand the menu. Then select Make a Payment from the listing. This will bring you into WebAdvisor where you can click on the Pay on my account link. Type in your credit card information and the payment is instantly made. ECC currently accepts MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card. If you feel that there are any problems with billing or fees, please complete the Bursar Dispute Form. Upon receipt of your letter, the Bursar will review your account.


All 1098T forms will be available to all students via WebAdvisor by January 31. Each student can access their form on your WebAdvisor account. This form may be printed and re-printed at home as many times as you would need. Paper copies will be mailed, but you may opt out of receiving a mailed copy by checking the option in WebAdvisor.

If you have questions regarding your 1098T form, please refer to the following links below. The IRS has replaced the Hope Credit with the new and revised American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. The first link will bring you to the official IRS web page and will discuss the tax credit. The second link will bring you to an IRS Questions and Answer site.

The Bursar Office is only able to answer general questions regarding tuition, fees, and financial aid applied. Bursar staff are not qualified nor permitted to give out any tax advice or information. Please contact a reliable tax preparer for information or assistance with your tax return.

Please note these forms are created as regulations require by the actual calendar date of a transaction and not the semester date. All transactions that occurred from January 1, 2013 until December 31, 2013 will be reflected on this form.


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