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Tuition and Fees

Students should carefully examine the following chart on tuition and fees. While analyzing the costs involved, students should keep in mind that many funding sources available to help finance your education; and remember that excessive part-time employment may jeopardize your ability to do well in coursework.

Tuition 2014-2015
New York State residents who are residents of the sponsorship area, or non-residents of the sponsorship area who present a Certificate of Residence:
  Full-time (per academic year)
  Part-time (per credit hour)
New York State residents who are not residents of the sponsorship area and do not present a Certificate of Residence:
  Full-time (per academic year)
  Part-time (per credit hour)
      358.00/cr. hr.
Non-New York State Residents:
  Full-time (per academic year)
  Part-time (per credit hour)
      358.00/cr. hr.
Off Semester, Off Hour, Off Campus
  Part-time (per credit hour)
Student Service Fees
Application Fee $25.00
Clinical Rotation Fee (per clinical class) $25.00
Collection Fee (% of amount owed) 30%
Dental Hygiene Professional Development Fee (per year) $75.00
Excess Credit Hours - $100 for every 3 credits in excess of 18 $100/3 cr. hr.
First Year Experience Fee $50.00
Foreign Student Admission Fee (per year) $300.00
I.D. Card Replacement Fee (per card) $5.00
Independent Study Fee $30.00
International Student Administration Fee $150.00
International Student Health Insurance* $600.00
Lab Fee (per lab) $80.00
Late Payment Fee (not to exceed/semester) 50/$100.00
Life Experience Assessment Program up to 6 credit hours $70.00
Life Experience Assessment Program over 6 credit hours (per credit hour) $25.00
Malpractice Insurance - required for Allied Health Programs (not to exceed /year)* $75.00
Nursing Test/Evaluation Fee (per semester) $175.00
Printing Fee (per page over initial quota allowance) $0.15
Registration Fee (per semester) $30.00
Re-registration Fee (per semester if cancelled due to late payment) $50.00
Returned Check Fee $20.00
Student Accident Insurance* $12.00
Student Activity Fee
  Full-time per semester
  Part-time per semester
     5.00/cr. hr.
Technology Fee $11.00/cr. hr.
Telecourse/Distance Learning Fee $25.00/cr. hr.
Transcript Fee $5.00
Transportation Fee $70.00
Transportation ID Card Replacement $10.00
Tuition Installment Plan Fee (per semester) $75.00
* Dependent upon premium charged to ECC.


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