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Certificate of Completion

The ESL Certificate of Completion from Erie Community College verifies that an ESL student has the English, math and computer skills necessary to function successfully in English in most introductory college-level courses and entry-level job training programs.

Course Requirements

Possible Prerequisite Courses
Before attempting the degree-credit courses within the Certificate of Completion Program, ESL students are required to pass any number of the following prerequisite, non-credit courses as indicated by placement test scores:

EN 030 ESL Reading/Writing I
EN 031 ESL Reading/Writing II
EN 040 ESL Oral/Aural I
EN 041 ESL Oral/Aural II
MT 003 Basic Mathematics
MT 006 Elementary Algebra I
MT 013 Elementary Algebra I & II

Degree-Credit Courses
To earn an ESL Certificate of Completion, an ESL student must pass at least one course from each of the following categories for a total of at least 15 degree credits with a QPA of 3.0 or above:

  1. EN 132 ESL Reading/Writing III
  2. EN 142 ESL Oral/Aural III *
  3. MT 112 Survey of Math or MT 125 College Math I or any other degree-credit Math course
  4. DA 106 Intro to Microcomputers or CS 101 Computer Literacy or OF 291 Basic Keyboarding or OF 292 College Keyboarding or any other Computer Science or Computer Information Systems course
  5. Any open-college electives necessary to bring the total number of degree credits to at least 15.  Recommended but not required for this category are EN 137 (Intensive Grammar) and EN 147 (Accent Reduction).

* Students whose placement test scores exempt them from taking EN142 may substitute any additional course from categories 3, 4, or 5 to complete the 15 degree-credit requirement.
Length of Study

The proposed ESL Certificate of Completion can take from one to three semesters to complete depending on the number of required prerequisite courses indicated by a student’s initial placement test scores.

Comprehensive Exams

In order to earn an ESL Certificate of Completion, an ESL student must not only pass the required courses with a QPA of 3.0 or above, but he/she must also pass the following comprehensive exams:

The Awarding of the Certificates

A student who is expecting to receive an ESL Certificate of Completion should apply through his/her campus English Department Chair one month before the end of the semester in which the actual certificate is to be issued. The English Department Chair issues an ESL Certificate of Completion after verifying that the student has completed all certificate requirements. The Certificate of Completion is issued with the official seal of the college.


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