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English/ESL Courses

Erie Community College offers special English courses for students whose first or dominant language is not English. These ESL courses help students improve in both spoken and written English. Classes are small and ESL students can make new friends with other students from all over the world.  An English test places ESL students into courses appropriate for their level of English.

Courses recommended for English language learners are:
EN 030  Reading/Writing I*
EN 031  Reading/Writing II*
EN 132  Reading/Writing III**
EN 137  ESL Grammar (1.5 credits)**
EN 040  Oral/Aural I*
EN 041  Oral/Aural II*
EN 142  Oral/Aural III**
EN 147  Accent Reduction (1.5 credits)***

*College credit is given for these courses, which may be used to meet credit requirements of scholarship, financial aid or immigration programs. These courses may not, however, be used as electives toward graduation.

**Degree credit is given for EN 132, EN 142, EN 137, and EN 147.
EN 132, EN 142, EN 137, and EN 147 satisfy Liberal Arts or general elective requirements. In addition, EN 132 and 137 can prepare students for the TOEFL and TWE (Test of Written English). EN 142 and EN 147 help students prepare for the TOEFL and SPEAK tests.

*** This course is taught by a Spanish speaking faculty member and recommended for Spanish speakers.


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