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ESL Recommended Courses

Courses recommended for students whose dominant language is not English are listed below. Those taught by Spanish speaking faculty display three stars. Bilingual Spanish/English faculty is also on staff in the Math, English, and General Studies Departments and is available to Spanish speakers.

For more information, Please contact the ESL Student Support Center at (716) 851-1079, e-mail

CH 100  Introduction to Chemistry*
BI 107-HB  Human Biology**
PH 120-HB  Environmental Science**
MT 003  Basic Mathematics*
MT 006  Elementary Algebra I*
MT 013 Elementary Algebra I & II*
SP 210  Spanish Composition I**
SP 211  Spanish Composition II**
DA 106  Microcomputers (taught in English suitable for Spanish-speakers)**
GS 111 College Success Skills
OF 292 College Keyboarding

*College credit is given for these courses, which may be used to meet credit requirements of scholarship, financial aid or immigration programs. These courses may not, however, be used as electives toward graduation.

** This course is taught by a Spanish speaking faculty member and recommended for Spanish speakers.


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