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Dropping or Adding a Course

Officially known as Schedule Adjustment, the Drop/Add period allows the student to change his or her semester class schedule. The period begins on the first day of classes and runs through the fifth day.

All Classes Day and Evening Procedure

  1. Students should consult their academic adviser to determine which classes to change.
  2. Class changes can be made utilizing:
    1. WebAdvisor - log into WebAdvisor and click on the registration area and follow the prompts to make the change.
    2. Go to your department or the respective department of the course and have them process a change.
    3. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office and have them process the change.
  3. All course availability will show based on class capacity. Classes that are at capacity will not be overloaded.
  4. Copies of schedule/bills are only available in the Registrar’s Office and it is strongly advised that students obtain a copy of their schedule/bill from the Registrar’s Office once they have processed their change.

Remember: No registration transaction is complete until it is processed through the college’s computer system. Simply attending a class is not a method of official registration. Final grades will not be issued to anyone whose name does not appear on an official roster. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to make sure that he or she is properly registered for a class.

Withdrawal from a Course

The student must complete their name, Social Security number, I.D. number, course title (ex. General psychology), course number (ex. PS 100) , course section (note: course section designates campus ex. AB), semester and year (ex. Fall/99) and instructor name of the Course Withdrawal Form.

Student must sign and date form when complete and return entire form to the Registrar’s Office.

Please note: The form must be returned within published deadlines to be accepted. Withdrawing from a course(s) may affect a student's financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office for further information. Withdrawal from courses does not release a student from financial liability.

Withdrawal from the College

A student withdrawing from the college must complete the official withdrawal forms available in the campus Counseling Center by the last date to withdraw as published in the academic calendar. This procedure, once completed, terminates current registration in all courses.

Students who fail to complete the withdrawal procedure will no longer be in good standing. To re-enter the college, once the withdrawal procedure has been followed, the student must apply for readmission through the college Admissions Office.


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