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Frequently Asked Questions

My aid is pending in WebAdvisor, will my registered classes be cancelled?

Financial aid awards must be in either a pending (P) or accepted (A) status to defer tuition. For this reason, students whose financial aid awards are equal to or greater than their bills will not have their classes cancelled. (Remember, loans need to be accepted or rejected in WebAdvisor.)

I accepted my loans, but why are my grants still pending?

Grants must be certified each semester to ensure students actually qualify for the award.  All grants are put on in a pending status (P) until certification has occurred. Once we have confirmed your eligibility, the award status will be changed to an accepted status (A). Certification normally occurs after the 4th week of the semester.

Do I need to provide the Financial Aid Office any supplemental information/documentation?

Any supplemental information/documentation that you need to provide will be listed in the My Documents section of WebAdvisor. For more information regarding how to access My Documents, read the My Documents Instruction Sheet.

What is the ECC Federal School Code and ECC TAP code?

The ECC Federal School Code is 010684 and the ECC TAP code is 2065.

What about my books?

Books are a very big part of your academic success at Erie Community College. If you apply for Financial Aid early enough and are eligible for enough aid, the College will establish a "book voucher" in the bookstore. To obtain a book credit, you must complete the entire application process, submit all required documents to the College and have more than enough financial aid to cover your bill. Book Vouchers are available the Saturday before classes begin for eligible students. We continue to give vouchers to students through the 4th week of classes.

The amount of the book credit is based on the number of credit hours a student is taking and the amount of financial aid a student is receiving. If you do not use your entire available book voucher, the remaining amount will be mailed to you. These checks begin to be mailed during the 7th week of the semester.


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