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Academic Standards for Receipt of Federal Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students receiving financial aid must meet minimum academic requirements within a specified time frame in order to maintain eligibility. These minimum academic requirements are two-fold: Academic Progress and Pace.

Academic Progress requires maintenance of a minimum quality point average (GPA); while

Pace refers to the completion of a certain number of the credit hours attempted.

The maximum time frame can be no longer than 150% of the published length of the degree program. For example, a two-year degree program consisting of 64 credits will require a student to complete the program within 96 credit hours. No federal aid can be processed for credits taken in excess of the 96 hours. Exception: In some cases students working on a second degree may be placed on a new time frame.

Students who fail to meet these minimum requirements will be denied aid the following semester.

The following outlines the minimum requirements as they relate to ECC students:

Federal Academic Requirements
ECC Minimum Standards for Receipt of Title IV Funds

Associate Degree Progress

Degree Credit Hours Attempted 9-24 25-47 48-96
Pace Minimum % of Completion 66% 66% 67%
Minimum Cumulative GPA 1.50 1.75 2.00


Certificate Program Progress

Degree Credit Hours Attempted 9-24 25-45
Pace Minimum % of Completion 66% 67%
Minimum Cumulative GPA 1.5 2.0

Academic Appeals Process

If the student incurred extraordinary circumstances which prohibited academic progress and/or Pace, the student may be offered an appeal. Students must submit a completed Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form and appropriate written documentation to support reasons for appeal in order to be considered for reinstatement of aid. Students will be notified if reinstatement of aid has been approved. Students who are on an approved appeal and do not reach the minimum standards in the time allotted will not be eligible for further appeals.


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