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New York State Financial Aid Programs

New York State has several programs designed to help eligible state residents secure the funds to finance their post-secondary education.

Eligibility requirements for individual programs vary. Therefore, it is essential that all students familiarize themselves with the eligibility criteria for each program.

Among the state funded programs are:

  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • Supplemental Tuition Assistance Program (STAP)
  • Aid to Part-Time Students (APTS)
  • Vietnam Veterans Awards (VVTA)
  • Persian Gulf Veterans Awards (PGVTA)
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

New York State Aid Program
Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is a New York State funded, non-competitive, financial aid grant for state residents attending an approved post secondary institution in New York as a full-time, matriculated student and meeting the minimum standards of Program Pursuit and Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Note: Full-time is defined as carrying 12 credit hours or more of degree-bearing and non-degree (remedial) course work. Of the 12 required hours, three must be degree credits in the first semester of TAP; at least six degree credits per semester thereafter.

The TAP awards are based on a family’s net taxable New York State income from the previous year and range from $500 to full tuition per year. Students are entitled to TAP payments for up to three years in an approved associate degree or certificate program. For each full semester (12 credit hours or more) of course work, a student is assigned six points. Once the maximum of thirty-six points is reached, the student will receive no further TAP payments at ECC.

Exception: EOP students will continue to receive up to five (5) years of TAP while pursuing a two-year degree.

While the three-year limit applies to students enrolled in a two-year program, a student may be eligible to receive an additional year of TAP at a four-year institution.

Application Form: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the NYS TAP Application. The TAP application must be postmarked by the May 1 of academic year.

TAP Estimate for ECC Students

The following is a guideline for estimating a TAP award for the year at ECC for students who are financially dependent on their parents; or who are financially independent and are married or have tax dependents:

New York State
Net Tax Income
Tap Award
0 - $7,000 $3,187
7,001 - 8,000 3,117
8,001 - 9,000 3,047
9,001 - 10,000 2,977
10,001 - 11,000 2,907
11,001 - 12,000 2,807
12,001 - 13,000 2,707
13,001 - 14,000 2,607
14,001 - 15,000 2,507
15,001 - 16,000 2,407
16,001 - 17,000 2,307
17,001 - 18,000 2,207
18,001 - 19,000 2,087
19,001 - 20,000 1,967
20,001 - 21,000 1,847
21,001 - 22,000 1,727
22,001 - 23,000 1,607
23,001 - 24,000 1,487
24,001 - 25,000 1,367
25,001 - 26,000 1,247
26,001 - 27,000 1,127
27,001 - 28,000 1,007
28,001 - 29,000 887
29,001 - 30,000 767
30,001 - 31,000 647
31,001 - 32,000 520
32,001 - 80,000 500
80,001 or more 0

The following are TAP estimates for single, financially independent students with no dependents:

New York State
Net Tax Income
Tap Award
0-$3,000 $3,187
3,001-4,000 2,877
4,001-5,000 2,567
5,001-6,000 2,257
6,001-7,000 1,947
7,001-8,000 1,637
8,001-9,000 1,327
9,001-10,000 1,017
10,001 or more 0

TAP awards, as listed, are based on $3,187/year tuition.

Supplemental Tuition Assistance Program (STAP)

STAP is offered to full-time undergraduates who are educationally disadvantaged and require remedial courses.

STAP is available to students who are enrolled in a remedial program in the summer term immediately preceding and/or immediately following the initial year of matriculated study.

Students who meet the eligibility criteria for a STAP award for the summer term are eligible for an award of up to one-quarter of what the student would receive as an annual Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) award. For less than full-time study, but at least half-time study, a student would be eligible for one-eighth of the Annual TAP award. Students may receive up to two such awards: one for a summer term preceding the first year of matriculated study, and/or one for a summer term immediately following the first year of matriculated study.

Students enrolled in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are not eligible for the STAP program. However, they may receive up to five years of TAP which is an exception to the three-year limit.

Application Form: Same as TAP applicants.

Part-Time TAP for Students
with Disabilities

Students who are disabled, as defined by the 1990 Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, do not have to be in full-time attendance to be eligible for Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) payments. Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) calculates a full-time TAP award for any eligible student who applies. Once the school notifies HESC that a student with disabilities is attending less than full-time, a new partial TAP award certificate is issued to the student. Students with disabilities are not required to attend part-time; students with disabilities who attend full-time continue to be eligible, as any other student, for a full TAP award. Whether attending full-time or part-time, a student must carry at least three degree credits the first semester and meet minimum state academic standards as he/she progresses.

Application Form: Same as TAP applicants plus ADA certification.

Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS)

Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS) grants are available to New York State residents (U.S. citizens, permanent alien, or refugees) enrolled in at least three credit hours but less than 12 semester hours of credit. At least three of these required hours must be toward a degree. The student must meet the income limits to be eligible for the program.

The good academic standing requirements that apply to students receiving a TAP full-time award also apply to recipients of an APTS award. Both TAP and APTS points count toward a student’s 48 point total undergraduate eligibility.

Regarding Program Pursuit, APTS requires a 50 percent completion of the required minimum half-time course load the first year, 75 percent completion the second year, and 100 percent completion thereafter.

Application Form: APTS application available in the Financial Aid Office. Limited funds. Note deadline on APTS application.

Vietnam Veterans Awards (VVTA)

Vietnam Veterans Awards are a New York State funded financial aid program providing tuition assistance for Vietnam Veterans.

Eligibility: Awards are available for both full and part-time students who:

1. Had an honorable discharge from the armed services.
2. Served in Indochina some time between January 1, 1963 and May 7, 1975.
3. Meet residency requirements. Students must apply for Federal Pell (whether full-time or part-time) and NYS TAP (full-time students only).

Duration: Full-time awards are available for up to eight semesters in a four-year program or up to 10 semesters in a program that normally requires five years. (NOTE: This five-year option covers those students who take a year of remedial course work prior to beginning work on their four-year degree.)

Part-time Awards: Part-time awards are also available for eligible students taking three to 11 credit hours per semester in an approved undergraduate program. These awards may be used up to 16 semesters (eight years) or up to 20 semesters (10 years) for a five-year program.

Application Forms: Applications for Vietnam Veterans Awards may be obtained in the Financial Aid Office or New York State Higher Education Services Corp. Deadline for establishing eligibility is September 1.

Persian Gulf Veterans Tuition
Award Program (PGVTA)

The Persian Gulf Veterans Tuition Award (PGVTA) Program provides financial assistance to eligible veterans matriculated in undergraduate and graduate degree programs or enrolled in approved vocational training programs on either a full- or part-time basis.

To be eligible under this program, the veteran must:

1. Have been discharged from the service under other than dishonorable conditions.
2. Have served in the armed forces of the United States in the hostilities that occurred in the Persian Gulf from August 2, 1990, to the end of such hostilities as evidenced by receipt of the Southwest Asia service medal.
3. Be a New York State resident.


Full-Time Undergraduate Study awards are available for students taking at least 12 credits per semester (or equivalent) for up to eight year program, or 10 semesters if a degree program is specifically approved as requiring five years. (Programs of remedial study are considered to be programs normally requiring five years.)

Part-Time Awards:

Awards are available for students taking at least three but not more than 11 credit hours per semester (or the equivalent) for up to 16 semesters (eight years), or 20 semesters (10 years) in an approved program which would normally require five years if the study were full-time.

Application Forms: Applications may be obtained in the Financial Aid Office or New York State Higher Education Services Corp. Deadline for establishing eligibility is September 1.

Educational Opportunity Program


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