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Other Funding Sources

Fireman's Association of the State of (FASNY) New York Higher Education Learning Plan

New York's Volunteer Fire Departments are currently experiencing a critical need to recruit and retain members. As an incentive for people to serve, FASNY has developed the Higher Education Learning Plan (FASNY HELP). This program provides tuition reimbursement to individuals attending community college for up to eighty (80) credit hours.

Under FASNY HELP, student-volunteers are eligible to have up to 100% of their tuition reimbursed in exchange for maintaining their grades and fulfilling defined service requirements. They must also be a "member in good standing" in one of New York's volunteer fire companies during both their school years and service payback period.

Contact your fire chief or fire company president to apply for the FASNY grant. For additional information, please contact Tom Chmielowiec, Transition Programs, at or by calling (716) 851-1589.

New York State Aid to Native Americans

New York State Aid to Native Americans is an entitlement program. There is neither a qualifying examination nor a limited number of awards.

Application Procedures: Application forms may be obtained from the Native American Education Unit, New York State Education Department, Albany, NY 12230. The completed application form should be forwarded by the applicant to the Native American Educational Unit on or before August 1 for the fall semester; December 31 for the spring semester; and May 15 for the summer session, of the academic year of proposed enrollment, along with the following materials:

  1. Official transcript of high school record or copy of General Equivalency Diploma
  2. Letter(s) of recommendation from one or more leaders in the community attesting to personality and character
  3. Personal letter, setting forth clearly and in detail educational plans and desires
  4. Signatures of the parents of minor applicants, approving education plans
  5. Official tribal certification form
  6. Copy of acceptance letter from college attending.

Selection of Recipients and Allocation of Awards: The applicant must be: (1) on an official tribal roll of a New York State tribe or the child of an enrolled member of a New York State tribe, and a resident of New York State; (2) maintaining good academic standing in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations; and (3) enrolled in an approved New York State post-secondary program.

Award Schedule: The award is $2,000 per year for a maximum of four years of full-time study (five years where a fifth year is required for completion of degree requirements). Eligible students also may receive student aid for less than four years of study and for part-time study. The part-time award is $85 per credit hour.

Responsibilities of Recipients: Students are responsible for notifying the Native American Education Unit in writing of any change in student status, program, or institutional enrollment. Students must also submit semester grades, at the end of each semester, showing satisfactory progress toward completion of degree or certification requirements.

United States Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
Aid to Native Americans

Application Procedures: Application forms may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office. An application is necessary for each year of study. An official needs analysis statement from the college Financial Aid Office is also required each year. Each first-time applicant must obtain tribal enrollment certification from the bureau agency which records enrollment for a tribe.

Selection of Recipients and Allocation of Awards: To be eligible, the applicant must: (1) be at least one-fourth American Indian, Eskimo or Aleut; (2) be an enrolled member of a tribe, band, or group recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs; (3) be enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in an approved college or university pursuing at least a two-year degree and (4) have financial need.

Responsibilities of Recipients: For grants to be awarded in successive years, the student must make satisfactory progress toward a degree, and show financial need.


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