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Student Activities

Education is not limited to the classroom and employers know this. Student activities give students first-hand experience in planning and publicizing an event, managing a budget, recruiting volunteers, and being a leader. Many students have found their first job after college through contacts made during their club’s activities.

Through the use of a percentage of student activity fees, the SGA also supports student clubs and organizations and funds a variety of campus events and services that enhance the quality of student life. Officers are elected in the spring semester.

To find out who the current faculty adviser is for a particular club, call the campus Student Activity Office or the Student Government Association. If students participate in an activity, they take advantage of precious opportunities to meet new friends and to make college a more memorable experience. Most graduates agree that their fondest memories of college are in some way connected to their affiliation with a student club or organization.

Student Government Association

City Campus
Room 276
(716) 851-1127
North Campus
Room S222B
(716) 851-1486
South Campus
Room 5205
(716) 851-1662

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