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Access to electronic mail (e-mail) is a privilege, designed to assist users in the acquisition of knowledge and efficient communication with others. All ECC network user accounts have the capability to use e-mail for internal and external use. While Erie Community College does not prohibit the use of e-mail for personal reasons, users should be aware that the primary intention of providing e-mail service is to support the educational mission of the college and to conduct its daily business.

Your e-mail address is your username, followed by Access to college e-mail is available on the Web at from any Internet connection for students, faculty and staff. College Information Technology Services (CITS) recommends faculty and staff use Microsoft Outlook while on campus.

It is the user’s responsibility to protect their e-mail address from unsolicited senders. Users should take precautionary measures to ensure the security of their e-mail account by only giving out their address to individuals or mailing lists from which they wish to receive e-mail, being cautious about using their e-mail address on the Internet or posting it on a Web page. Erie Community College cannot protect individuals from receipt of materials which may be offensive to them. While confidentiality cannot be ensured, e-mail is considered private and confidential.


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