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Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Centers, located at each of the campuses of Erie Community College, assist students and prospective students in exploring majors and career options. Using Focus 2 career assessment system, students can get a clearer picture of career options and educational opportunities that are available to them.

The Career Resource Center also assists students with resumes and cover letters, interviewing skills and searching for employment opportunities. Using Resumes for America, the students can build their resume and cover letter on-line and have it quickly reviewed by representatives of the Career Resource Center. The Career Resource Centers are in contact with local and national employers on a regular basis. The centers host on-campus recruitment opportunities and maintain current employment opportunities for students and alumni.

On-campus career fairs are held to promote employment opportunities, give career advice to students, locate part-time, seasonal or temporary employment opportunities as well as facilitate employment with government agencies.

Outreach services are provided to local high schools, community services agencies and businesses and industries that are downsizing.

The Career Resource Centers also assist individuals who are transitioning to four-year colleges or universities. The centers provide listings and information on colleges and universities that match an individual’s goals or expectations.

Career Resource Centers

City Campus
Room 266
(716) 851-1183

North Campus
Room G-109A
(716) 851-1484

South Campus
Room 5207
(716) 851-1683


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