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Student Support Services

Student Services provides a wide array of programs and services to fulfill the needs of Erie Community College's diverse student body. Under the direction of the campus Dean of Students, the various Student Services offices focus on realizing the full human potential of each student.

It is part of ECC’s vision to be recognized as a college of excellence that fosters holistic growth for all of its students and as an educational setting where academic achievement and social development are equally valued. To reach this goal, the college will provide students the opportunity to realize self-worth, enhance ethical consciousness, exhibit interpersonal skills, respect cultural diversity, demonstrate critical thinking skills, make informed decisions about their future, demonstrate employment-related skills, function as responsible and productive citizens, enrich others through shared experience, and value lifelong learning.

ECC has developed a comprehensive network of support services to facilitate the academic experience and enrich students’ lives. On our Web site, information is included on admissions, financial aid, counseling, career planning and placement, registration and records, facilities, athletics, governance, and publications. Prior to registration for classes, all students will be invited to a Student Orientation where they can become familiar with ECC.


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