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Architecture Technology

Architecture Technology

Architecture Technology is the application of technology and the applied arts for designing buildings and other physical structures within our constructed environments.  The Erie Community College Architecture Technology program educates students in the methods of technical design as applied to the building process.

The Architecture Technology program goals include teaching techniques, graphic representation, work force skills, computer-aided drafting (CAD), and Building Information Management (BIM) via enhanced software applications, as well as a fundamental understanding of basic architectural design and working drawings, in order for students to understand the different elements of a building.

The fundamental objectives of the Architecture Technology program are threefold:

  • focus on the education of architecture technology;
  • preparing graduates to be integral employees in an architecture or construction related profession; and
  • pursue additional post-secondary education.

Students are encouraged to think beyond conventional two-dimensional AutoCAD systems and begin thinking in 3D forms, while establishing a professional methodology to communicate ideas both verbally and graphically.

Graduates of the program will have the ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate buildings in order to produce effective technical design solutions, and are prepared to assume integral positions within architectural firms. Additionally, Erie Community College Architecture Technology A.A.S. graduates have many options for transfer to various SUNY colleges and private institutions for advanced degrees.

To successfully complete the program, a candidate must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average in all departmental courses and a minimum overall Erie Community College GPA of 2.0.

Program Competencies

Upon graduation with an Architecture Technology Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree, the graduate will be able to:

  • use critical thinking skills in the classroom assignments and projects that involve real world employment related issues;
  • apply the basics of a computer graphics system to specific architectural applications;
  • create 3D models or rendered drawings necessary to convey a proposed design solution;
  • develop and convey ideas, concepts and designs for both written and graphic projects and present their thoughts to a group in a clear and precise manner;
  • create, interpret, modify and select the necessary and appropriate contract documents required for the construction of both residential and commercial structures
  • interpret and apply building codes; state, federal, and industrial codes; standards and regulations;
  • observe general and specific conditions of buildings in the field;
  • research, understand, identify and select products and materials in resources such as manufacturer's literature and industry standards that are sustainable and cost-effective;
  • apply principles of structural mechanics, mechanical building systems and plumbing systems;
  • use a computer with basic competency; and
  • field measure.

Department Notes

Students are encouraged to become active in the departmental Architecture Club. Qualifying students in their fourth semester are encouraged to seek internships at local industry partners. Graduates will have a portfolio of their work to submit for employment or transfer.  Students should consult regularly with department advisors for academic advisement, course selection, and career opportunities.


Total Degree Credits: 64.0

First Year, Fall Semester
AR 108 - Architectural Graphics/Lab Credit Hours: 3
AR 130 - Architectural Methods and Materials/Lab Credit Hours: 4 
AR 160 - CAD Applications in Architecture Credit Hours: 3
EN 110 - College Composition Credit Hours: 3 
MT 125 - College Mathematics Credit Hours: 4

First Year, Spring Semester
AR 125 - Codes and Standards/Lab Credit Hours: 3
AR 170 - Architecture I/Lab Credit Hours: 3
AR 275 - Mechanicals for Buildings/Lab Credit Hours: 3
PH 260 - Technical Physics I Credit Hours: 4*
PH 261 - Lab for PH 260 Credit Hours: Included in the 4.0 credit hours for PH 260
SO 100 - Introduction to Sociology Credit Hours: 3

Second Year, Fall Semester
AR 240 - Architecture Drafting II Credit Hours: 4 
AR 250 - Structures Credit Hours: 4  
AR 285 - Architectural Design/Lab Credit Hours: 5
EN 111 - Composition and Interpretation of Literature Credit Hours: 3 

Second Year, Spring Semester
AR 265 - Architectural Practices Credit Hours: 3 
AR 270 - Architectural Detailing Credit Hours: 3
AR 290 - Architectural Design II Credit Hours: 5 
MT 126 - College Mathematics II Credit Hours: 4

AR 135 - History of Architecture Credit Hours: 3

* Most four-year schools require PH 260/261.

Note: This is a recommended sequence for possible employment. Student should consult your academic advisor prior to registering.

Available At:

South Campus

Recommended H.S. Courses and/or Experiences:

3 Years of Math

Pre-Admission Recommendations:

Math I
Math II
(Physics preferred)

Career Opportunities/Further Education:

Architectural Engineering
Transfer to Bachelor's Degree Program

Hegis Code:


Curriculum Code:



Engineering & Technologies
Architecture Technology

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Architecture Technology

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