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Honors Program

  • Honors Program

  • What is the Honors Concentration?

    The mission of the Honors Concentration at SUNY Erie is to challenge academically talented students, providing them with an enriched education in order to nurture learning, build character and promote leadership, and to ensure an educationally rewarding experience.

    Students taking an Honors course will achieve the same learning outcomes as the standard course, but with greater expectation from the instructor for critical thinking and in-depth exploration of the subject.

  • What is the Curriculum of the Honors Concentration?

    To graduate with Honors recognition, students must complete three Honors Contract Courses and the Honors Capstone. Honors Contract Courses are arranged with the instructor, potentially allowing any SUNY Erie course to be converted into an Honors course.

    The Honors Capstone course may be taught as individualized instruction or a seminar section. It will focus on the development of critical thinking skills and is designed to provide an immersive, innovative and interdisciplinary learning experience. Students will complete an individualized project focusing on a specific theme or area of interest, with the instructor facilitating discussion and in-depth exploration of the subject. The result will be the production of an original research, creative or service- learning project which will be shared through publication or presentation.

  • Honors Concentration FAQ

    Do I have to take extra classes?
    The Honors Concentration requires only one class additional to your academic program, the Honors Capstone, HP 200.  The other classes needed to complete the program are Honors by Contract classes which you will take within your program.

    What is Honors by Contract?
    An Honors Contract is when you make a formal agreement with a faculty member to add an honors component to a class which you are taking as part of your program of study.  These contracts are filed with the Honors Coordinator by the fourth week of classes.  The honors component is either an additional assignment or an extended assignment which adds depth, critical thinking and/or an interdisciplinary perspective to the course material.  At the end of the semester, the Honors Coordinator will confirm with your instructor that you have completed the contract.  Upon successful completion, the registrar will change your transcript so that the course includes the honors designation.

    What if I don’t complete the contract?
    You will not get honors credit for the course.  You will still receive credit/a grade for the course if you have passed the standard course material.  You may substitute another honors contract in a following semester to complete the Honors Concentration.

    What is the Honors Capstone?
    The Honors Capstone, HP 200, is a course most often taken as individualized instruction.  Each student devises their own project with the guidance of a faculty mentor.  The requirements for the project are that it requires at least 45 hours to complete and is presented in a public venue (through a conference, publication, recital, or oral presentation at SUNY Erie.)  The project is evaluated according to its demonstration of professionalism, subject area mastery, creativity, community engagement and reflection.

    What if I don’t complete HP 200?
    HP 200 is a stand-alone class.  If you do not intend to complete the course, you must withdraw or fail.  However, like a standard course, extenuating circumstances may allow for a grade of incomplete.

    What if I don’t complete the requirements for the Honors Concentration?
    There is no penalty for not completing the program.  Any honors coursework you have finished will still appear on your transcript.  You will just not receive the cord and medallion at graduation.

    Is Honors the same as PTK?
    No.  Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an Honor Society.

    What is the difference between the Honors Concentration and Honor Societies?
    The Honors Concentration is an academic program which requires you to take certain classes.  Honor Societies, such as PTK, XAE and ABG, are social organizations which recognize academic merit.  It is possible, in fact, encouraged, to participate in both Honor Societies and the Honors Concentration.

  • Need Help?

    Honors Program

    Vanessa Haddad, Ph.D.
    North Campus
    Room K120A
    P: (716) 851-1616
  • What are Some Benefits of Being in the Honors Concentration?

    ▸ Personalized guidance and individual connections with instructors
    ▸ Opportunities to engage in specialized learning experiences including:
           ▹ Publication opportunities
           ▹ Undergraduate research opportunities
           ▹ Opportunities to attend and present at nationally recognized conferences
    ▸ Participation in honors events such as social gatherings, guest lectures and offsite learning experiences
    ▸ Increased opportunities for scholarships and awards
    ▸ Honors-specific advisement including transfer, scholarship and other opportunities
    ▸ Recognition of honors completion on the transcript and at graduation

  • How Do I Apply?

    Students may apply online or directly to the Honors Coordinator at the time of application to the college or in subsequent semesters. If applying from high school, please include a copy of the high school transcript. If applying while at SUNY Erie, include your student id number with all correspondence. There is no deadline for application; however you must be able to complete the four required courses in your remaining time at SUNY Erie.

    To apply or receive more information, contact:

    Vanessa Haddad, Ph.D.
    Honors Coordinator

    North Campus, Room K120A
    6205 Main Street 
    Williamsville, NY 14221

  • Do I Qualify?

    The Honors Concentration is open to both full-and part-time students in any degree program.

    For incoming high school students, admission to the Honors Concentration is primarily based on a student’s final high school average of 88 percent or higher. Current SUNY Erie students and transfer students must have a GPA of 3.25 in order to be eligible.

    Although GPA is strongly considered in admitting students to the program, it is not the only consideration. Those students with ability and a keen interest in education are also encouraged to apply.

    All students are required to apply personally to the Honors Coordinator. Once accepted into the Honors Concentration, all students must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA.