Library Instruction

  • Library Instruction

    Library instruction classes are offered by the three libraries and are available to all faculty. As faculty, the librarians at SUNY Erie view teaching library skills as an important function. Our goal is to make patrons lifelong learners with sufficient research skills to find the information they need. All librarians are able to provide instruction. Instruction can be basic and general or subject- and assignment-specific.

    The  SUNY Erie libraries offer a myriad of resources for the students, faculty and staff. We  provide a ever-growing list of full-text databases, access to library catalogs, specific research help, Internet searching, interlibrary loan and other services.

    • How to search the online catalog
    • How to search the library home page
    • How to find a book on the shelf
    • Where to check out a book
    • Where are reserves
    • Reference resources, online and print
    • Introduction of the ECC Librarians' Subject Grid
    • How to access internet search engines
    • How to evaluate information found on the web
    • Internet tutorials
    • How to cite internet resources
    • Introduction to databases
    • Which database should I use
    • Off-campus access
    • How to cite electronic information
    • What periodicals does Erie Community College own
    • How to choose a research topic
    • How to research a topic
    • Citation guides
    • How to access online encyclopedias, almanacs and other basic resources