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  • NYS Approved Infection Control Training

    This course is designed to review a multitude of diseases and infestations that occur in the work place. This course will enable the practitioner to adequately understand the agents and their control thereby minimizing exposure to staff and to patients. A certificate issued upon completion of the course will meet the requirements of the NYS Department of Health Infection Control Training.register now

    NYS Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting

    This three hour course is designed to teach health care professionals, teachers, coaches, and other professional staff to recognize indicators of child abuse and maltreatment. A certificate of completion will be issued to meet New York State requirements.register now

    NYS Pre-Licensing Insurance Training Personal Lines

    This is a New York State approved 40 hour Personal Lines Pre-Licensing insurance course.  After successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion that will allow them to sit for the license exam.register now

    NYS Pre-Licensing Insurance Training Property and Casualty

    This is a 100 hour course that covers such topics as fire and liability insurance, workman's compensation, accident and health bonds.  Students will be eligible to sit for the Insurance Broker exam after successful course completion.register now

    NYS Pre-Licensing Insurance Training Life, Accident, and Health

    The 48 hour New York State approved Life, Accident, and Health Pre-Licensing course addresses insurance principles, types of policies and the agent's duties. After successful course completion, individuals are qualified to sit for the
    licensing exam.register now

    Escape the Meeting

    Have you ever felt trapped in a boring meeting?  Escape the Meeting is an entertaining and informative 3 hour workshop where teams work together to innovate and devise a plan to escape the meeting.  Our facilitators are expert  problem solvers with Master's degrees in Learning and Development. Assessments such as Myers-Briggs or FourSight that will improve your team's communication and innovation skills in this fun and memorable workshop.register now

    Customer Service Boot Camp In Partnership with Capital Management Services

    This 40 hour course teaches the importance and responsibility to treat all customers with respect and dignity.  After completing this course students students will understand the importance of excellent customer service, develop effective communication skills, know how to present a professional image, and know how to set expectations.register now

    FaceBook - Marketing Content Strategy and Branding

    This course encourages students to explore concepts such as consumer psychology, content, and strategy.  Students will enhance the writing and communication skills required for successful digital marketing.  Emphasis will also be placed on the importance of branding along every step of the customer journey and how to use content marketing to attract a defined audience.more info

    FaceBook - Foundations and Strategy of Marketing

    This course is designed to introduce you to the basics of Digital Marketing. It aims to develop your understanding of marketing in the context of a business and to provide a framework to think about concepts such as segmentation, targeting, value propositions and metrics.  This course culminates in a final project in which you will use the PACE framework to analyze and create a digital marketing plan for a chosen company.more info

    Foundational Coaching Competencies

    This is an introductory course that offers core coaching competencies and values. You will gain an understanding of the coaching process and use this methodology to build meaningful and powerful consults/engagements.  Elicit forward thinking and build client confidence in the coaching process.  This course is ideal for learning and performance professionals who want to develop successful coaching skills for use with individuals, teams, or workforce.register now

    Fundamentals of Leadership: Leaning into Leading

    Students will learn the essential tenents of leadership in the workplace and community.  Participants will understand the mult-dimenesional nature of leadership, assess their individual leadership style, how to motivate a team
    through leaning into one's leadership style, problem solving, conflict resolution, and organizational management.register now

    Video Marketing On Social Media Using Greenscreen Technolog

    Students will learn how to incorporate green screen video technology into their social media marketing campaigns.  Participants will learn to use video equipment together with wevideo.com subscription based software to develop
    effective marketing videos using this technology.  Students must also purchase wevideo.com subscription ($5/mo) and a SD card reader with USB cable.register now

    Certified Operations Specialist

    This is a six week online course leading to the Certified Operations Specialist (COS) designation.  Exam and Project are required for Certification.  Topics Included: 1)  Introduction to Lean Philosophies  2) Basics of Operations  3)  Eight Forms of Waste  4) 10 Step Framework for Optimized Office Operations  5) Capacity Model 6)  Daily Work Plans  7)  Employee Engagement  8)  Standardized Work  9) Problem Solving  10)  Flow Across Departments.register now

    Basic DIY Home Repair Series

    Classes include Basic Electrical Theory and Repair For Homeowners, Basic HVAC Maintenance For Homeowners, and Basic Plumbing for Homeowners. See the descriptions of each class below.  Buy the entire series as a bundle and save 10%!register now

    C1: Basic Electrical Theory and Repair For Homeowners

    This 12 hour course is designed to give the DIY homeowner some basic theory and hands-on experience to safely perform minor electrical repairs. Topics included: 1) Current: DC, AC, Single Phase, Three Phase  2) Electrical Magnetism: Induction, Shielding  3) Ohms Law:  Volts, Amps, Ohms, Watts  4) Circuits:  Parallel, Series, low & high voltage control  5) Transformer Operation: Step Down, Step Up 6) Test Equipment: Multi Meter, Circuit Finder  7) Common Residential Wiring Diagrams:  12 & 240 V circuity, Low Voltage 12 & 24 V  8) Circuit Panels: Test/Replace breakers and/or fuses  9) Residential Electrical Codes: GFCI plugs & breakers, Hard Wired Smoke/CO detectors, Arc Interrupting plugs  10) How to Change Basic: Outlets, Switches, lights, fans, etc.register now

    C2: Basic HVAC Maintenance For Homeowners

    This 6 hour course covers  basic maintenance procedures for forced air heating, cooling and ventilation systems.  Topics included:  1) HVAC Tools: Various meters, Temperature Detectors, Humidity Testers, CO Detectors  2) Maintenance Procedures for Gas Furnaces: Venting Issues, blower Performance, Gas pressure, Sequence of Operations  3) Maintenance Procedures For AC:  Electric Components, Heat Transfers, Basic Maintenance  4) Air Ventilation:  Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Range Hoods. 
    * C1: Basic Electrical Theory and Repair For Homeowners is a pre-requisite for this course.register now

    C3: Basic Plumbing for Homeowners

    This is a 6 hour course in residential plumbing for homeowners.  Topics Included: 1) Commode Operations:  Internal Workings, How to replace Plunger and fill stem, Installation of new toilet using existing flange  2) Faucets:  Replacement of washers, in stems, Replacement of Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Faucets, Bath Tub Faucets. 3) Sinks:  How to remove and install Kitchen and Bathroom sinks and Laundry Tubs. 4)  Piping Diagrams:  Isometric Drawings, Pipe Sizing, Waste Lines, Supply Lines, Drainage Lines  5) Soldering:  How to work with Propane and Mapp gas, Soft Silver solder  6) Solderless Joints:  Copper Shark Bite, Pex Linesregister now

    Reiki: Level I Practitioner Training Certification

    Reiki is an ancient hands-on form of energy healing therapy.  The use of Reiki as a complementary therapy in the medical setting is increasing.  Reiki is non-invasive and known to be safe.  It is used to reduce stress and to improve overall health and quality of life.  Research suggests that Reiki activates self-healing and works holistically on body, mind, and emotions.  Reiki is a simple yet powerful technique that can be easily learned by anyone.register now

    Caring For Loved Ones in the Home

    This course is designed to teach family and friends how to assist sick or elderly loved ones with daily living activities in the home.  Course topics include medicine dispensing, hygiene, walkers, wheelchairs, and lifts.  This course will benefit both the loved one and the caregiver by providing safe and effective care in a respectful manner.  The New York State Consumer Directed Personal Care Program will also be discussed. register now
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    Online Career Training and
    Online Course Offerings

    SUNY Erie, in partnership with ed2go, offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. These courses can also be used for preparation to enter the college’s academic degree and certificate programs and will familiarize the trainee and encourage them to enter the college for job enhancement purposes.

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    Cancellation Policy: SUNY Erie makes a decision to offer each course based upon community interest determined by advanced registration. We reserve the right to cancel a course if there is insufficient enrollment.

    Withdrawal/Refund Policy: SUNY Erie will give a 100 percent refund with 24 hours notice. Non-attendance does not mean an automatic withdrawal; you must contact the Department of Workforce Development at 851-1800 to cancel your registration.