Continuing Education

SUNY Erie Continuing Education programs are short, inexpensive, and highly focused trainings that are designed to help you take that next step, no matter what your goals revolve around home, career, or community.

Our courses are available online and on-campus in select locations so that you can fit lifelong learning into your busy schedule.

Featured Programs


This course is designed to review a multitude of diseases and infestations that occur in the work place. The course will enable the practitioner to adequately understand the agents and their control thereby minimizing exposure to staff and to patients. A certificate issued upon completion of the course will meet the requirements of the NYS DOH Infection Control Training.

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Programs focus on an individual driver's responsibility to interact lawfully within the traffic system to create and maintain a safe environment for all drivers. The curricula emphasizes personal accountability, awareness of laws and their impact on the whole community, and are designed specifically for the needs and types of drivers in the different programs. 

Courses Offered

Mandated Reporter Training includes information regarding the physical and behavioral indicators of Child Abuse and Maltreatment.  This course will provide a brief overview of Child Protective Services, how to make a report, when a report should be made, legal protection and consequences of failure to make a report. A certificate of completion will be issued to verify completion of the law's requirements.


On-Line/Face-to-face Hybrid Training Course

This training provides the skills, knowledge and step-by-step on-line demonstrations of hands-on component required for a successful career as an electrician’s helper. Portion of the course will be done on-line (due to COVID-19 restrictions). Hands-on labs will be completed on-site. The Electrician's Helper and Solar Training program covers electrical installation, operation, and maintenance for residential and solar systems. Students gain a deeper knowledge of safety, tools, system print reading, electrical/solar principles and measurements, functions of components, equipment and wiring, and basic National Electrical Code.

The training program, the Electrician's Helper and Solar on-line course has a significant amount of both lecture and hands-on laboratory experiments. Topics covered in this training include Basic Electrical Theory, power generation and transmission, Ohm's Law, DC vs AC, Series, parallel circuits, the installation and layout of residential electrical circuits, PV Cell technologies, design and sizing of PV systems, PV site analysis, Power Distribution, equipment commissioning and much more.

Laboratory demonstrations and hands-on experiments include wiring basic residential circuits including single and 3-way switches, main distribution panels, common residential electrical fixtures, troubleshooting common electrical problems, schematic reading, series/parallel electrical circuits, series/parallel solar module connections, solar pathfinder site and shading analysis, grid-direct PV system design including sizing PV array, inverters, DC and AC disconnects, OCPD and wiring. Students will see how to proceed with installing and troubleshooting common residential circuits, PV grid direct systems (roof top, pole mount, and/or ground mount installations) and smaller scale electrical and PV experiments. This training program also teaches our students how to work with high and low-voltage wiring.  

Upon graduation students from this course will be eligible to seek work as an electrician’s helper with residential electrical companies, take the local 41 Electricians Union entrance exam and seek employment as a PV installation technician.

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Jump-start your renewable energy education track with online courses from the University at Buffalo, developed in collaboration with SUNY Erie. Earn verified certificates and be well-prepared for the Electrician's Helper and Solar training program:  

Solar Energy for Engineers, Architects and Code Inspectors is a three-course series that explores fundamental concepts and mechanics of photovoltaic technology, examines the intricacies of solar system design, and provides a framework for solar PV project management.

Renewable Energy: Fundamentals and Job Opportunities provides an overview of green building design and construction, sustainability, solar, and wind, as well as nanotechnology applications in clean energy. Explore potential careers and related renewable energy education available through SUNY. 

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Learn the Best Secrets to a Successful Garden!
Tips to Help You Go from Garden to Plate!
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SUNY Erie City Campus Culinary Arts Dept.
Class is Held at Canalside near Tim Horton’s
Classes run Monday, Tusesday, Thursday 8:30 - 10:45

Summer 1: May 24 – July 1

Summer 2: July 6 – Aug. 12

Please call Kristin Goss at (716) 270-2886 to enroll in the courses.


Online Career Training

Online Course Offerings 
SUNY Erie, in partnership with ed2go, offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. These courses can also be used for preparation to enter the college’s academic degree and certificate programs and will familiarize the trainee and encourage them to enter the college for job enhancement purposes.

Registration Information

Cancellation Policy: SUNY Erie makes a decision to offer each course based upon community interest determined by advanced registration. We reserve the right to cancel a course if there is insufficient enrollment.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy: SUNY Erie will give a 100 percent refund with 24 hours-notice. Non-attendance does not mean an automatic withdrawal; you must contact the Department of Workforce Development at 851-1800 to cancel your registration.

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