SUNY Erie offers current in-demand academic programs which serve the needs of a diverse student population and provide the education and skills students need to be successful in the ever-changing workforce.  
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SUNY Erie Offers a number of programs that enable high school students to earn credits prior to entering college at SUNY Erie.
Online learning courses offer students the flexibility of completing some or all of their coursework and assignments without having to regularly attend classes on a SUNY Erie campus.
SUNY Erie offers something for everyone. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or newly retired, or somewhere in between, we want to assist you in your educational endeavors.
SUNY Erie Continuing Education programs are short, inexpensive, and highly focused trainings that are designed to help you take that next step, no matter what your goals revolve around home, career, or community.
Microcredentials are certifications earned through short-term coursework focused on mastering specific skills in high-demand fields.  Microcredentials allow learners to quickly build expertise valued by employers, often in just weeks or months, providing affordable and accessible pathways to career advancement or transition.
Workforce Development provides customized non-credit professional development training to local businesses, individual community residents and local government employees.
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