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Dr. Jane Cooke Wright
February 12
Breaking barriers in the battle against cancer, Dr. Jane Wright’s legacy continues to inspire us all. A pioneer in chemotherapeutic research, she dedicated her life to saving others.
Black History Month Profiles: Gladys Mae West
February 5
You likely use GPS technology daily whether finding directions on your phone or tracking deliveries. But do you know the brilliant Black woman whose mathematical computations made GPS and satellite technology possible? Meet Gladys Mae West.
Manna @ Northland
December 15
Buffalo’s East Side has often been referred to as a food desert because residents lack supermarkets, grocery stores, and low-cost healthy food choices. When Dale Holt, his wife Tina, and chef Reginald Ingram decided to open a restaurant on Buffalo’s East Side, divine inspiration led them to name it Manna @ Northland.
Gregory Crenshaw, Crenshaw’s Chicken and Waffles
December 13
You might say Gregory Crenshaw was destined to open a restaurant serving chicken and waffles. The famous restaurant Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles is located just outside the Crenshaw neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.
Lavenia and Lee Thomas, Radah Baked Goods
December 13
Lavenia says their journey started in 2017 when her husband Lee suggested they start a business. Lavenia said she initially didn't know what type of business, but she did know she was passionate about artsy things and science. So, her husband suggested she try something that combines the two. He suggested baking.
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