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December 20
The Board of Trustees of SUNY Erie Community College has accepted Dr. David K. Balkin’s resignation as President of the College.
November 1
The SUNY Erie Board of Trustees voted today to officially appoint Provost and Executive Vice President Adiam Tsegai as officer-in-charge, to act in place of President David Balkin during his suspension with pay.
October 28
The SUNY Erie Board of Trustees voted today to suspend President David Balkin with pay, to allow for an investigation regarding allegations filed with the college’s Human Resources Department.
October 27
Nov. 5 event is free and open to the public with 4 p.m. kickoff
October 4
At September’s SUNY Erie Board of Trustees meeting, the board unanimously approved a new slate of officers for a two-year term, effective today.
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