College Safety

The College Safety Office to provides for the safety of students and for the security of the buildings, grounds, and equipment of the college. The College Safety Office also maintains a Lost and Found Department.

The College Safety Offices are staffed 24/7/365 and offers the following services: campus safety escort services; personal emergency notifications; weather updates; issue college identification cards; maintain lost and found; campus fire and safety inspections; crime prevention and student safety measures; parking permits; fire safety sporting and special event manpower; on-campus traffic enforcement; and basic first responder first aid.

View the College's Emergency Operations Plan.

To view our most recent security reports and Cleary statistics, visit our ISSUU site. For sexual violence resources, visit the SUNY SAVR website.

Crime Statistics

Information regarding campus crime statistics can be accessed by visiting the College Safety Offices on each campus or by visiting the US Department of Education website. The crime statistics include offenses reported to Campus Safety Offices for the past three years.

For more information:
College Safety, City Campus
Room 102
(716) 851-1133

College Safety, North Campus
Room S115
(716) 851-1433

College Safety, South Campus
Room 5223E
(716) 851-1633