Health Services

The Health Office at each campus is staffed by a registered nurse. Students may seek first aid for on-campus sickness, injury, consultation, document submissions, and/or referrals.

The nurse will be available in person for the fall semester at the following days and locations from 8AM until 4PM:

-Monday and Tuesday North Campus

-Wednesday City Campus

-Thursday and Friday South Campus

When the nurse is not available at a campus location, please see the campus safety department for immediate assistance.

Student Immunization Policy

SUNY Erie reserves the right to withdraw students that do not meet New York State Department of Health regulations as outlined. Withdrawn students will not be able to return to the College that semester. The law requires that students be withdrawn from college if proof of immunity is not provided within thirty (30) days of the start of classes. Students who have been withdrawn can attend the following semester, once completion of New York State immunization requirements have been satisfied.

Additional information concerning college policies for students deemed as non-compliant is available in the College Nurses’ offices on each Campus.

Download Confidential Student Health Form

Submit your immunization records electronically here: Must be sent from your ECC account.

Statement of Immunization Compliance

Every student born on or after January 1, 1957 or later and is enrolled in six (6) or more credit hours at an accredited college or university is required by New York State Public Health Law 2165 to provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. Proof of immunity compliance is accomplished by providing official documentation of two (2) measles immunizations, one (1) mumps immunization, and one (1) rubella immunization or by submitting serological proof of immunity.

New York State Public Health Law 2167 also requires colleges to distribute information about meningococcal disease and vaccination to all students regardless of age. Students are encouraged to review the materials provided to them. The Confidential Health Form must be completed and returned to your Campus Health Office indicating proof of vaccination or declination of the meningitis immunization.

What are the records needed for me to attend in-person classes?

For students born after 1957 and taking 6 or more credit hours:

  • Required official documentation of two (2) measles immunizations, one (1) mumps immunization, and one (1) rubella immunization or by submitting serological proof of immunity.
  • Required official documentation of the meningitis vaccine from within the last five years or a completed meningitis waiver Confidential Health Form

Where can I obtain a copy of my immunization records?

  • Contact the school nurse or the records office at your former high school. City of Buffalo School students who cannot get a record from the high school can call the Buffalo Board of Education’s Director of Health-Related Services at (716) 816-3912.
  • Contact your family doctor or pediatrician for your immunization record.
  • Current or past employer if you are working or have worked in daycare or health facilities.
  • College transfer and joint admission students may request an immunization transfer record be sent from the Health Service of their previous college to SUNY Erie's Health Offices.
  • If you have been honorably discharged from the military within ten years prior to application to SUNY Erie, please provide a copy of your DD214 at time of registration for a temporary immunization exemption until you receive your records from the military.

I was previously a SUNY Erie student and I need a copy of my immunization records

Please complete the form here: Please note that record requests may take up to 10 business days to be completed.


All on-campus accidents/injuries are reportable to your instructor/supervisor, campus safety, and/or the college nurse. Minor first-aid for accidents is available in the Health Services office. Further evaluation or treatment may be advised. For serious accidents, 9-1-1 (EMS) will be summoned for transport to a local hospital emergency department.

Campus safety, the college nurse, or your instructor/supervisor will complete the appropriate accident reporting forms. Information is required from the injured individual for completion of accident form.

Meningococcal Disease Fact Sheet 

For information on Meningococcal Disease, visit the NYS Department of Health website.

Flu shots are free with proof of insurance or $15.00 without. Staff and students are encouraged to participate. 

For more information:
Health Services, City Campus
Post Building, Room 228

Health Services, North Campus
S Building, Room 152

Health Services, South Campus
Room 5109
T: (716) 851-1699 F: (716) 270-2833