Academic Advising

Registering is Easy!

Meet with your advisor as soon as possible to ensure you get all the classes you need, at times that work best for you!

Academic advisement is a major element of student success. Effective advisement gives you the opportunity to connect your academic aptitude with your educational goals.

All first-time, full-time, matriculating students must receive academic advisement prior to registering.


What you need to do:

1. Learn about your degree requirements.

Review your Academic Progress in Workday, which shows degree requirements you've completed and classes you still need. 

How do I find my Academic Progress and Advisor information? Go to MyECC, login and go to Workday. (If you don’t know your username and password, please visit From the home Workday screen, select Academics. Academic Progress information can be found in the Academic Advising section of the Academics dashboard.  Your faculty advisor information can be found on the same dashboard under Important Contacts Support Network.

2. Get advised.

  • Meet with your faculty advisor to update your Academic Plan and collaborate on a schedule of classes for the upcoming semester. New General Studies students will have a faculty advisor assigned just before their second semester, please contact the General Studies Office at any campus for advisement for your first semester. 
  • Your faculty advisor and e-mail are listed in the Important Contacts Support Network section of the Academics dashboard in Workday.  Your Academic Progress is also accessed in this dashboard under Academic Advising.
  • You can consult the faculty/staff directory for department contact info (your department can tell you your assigned faculty advisor or secondary advisor during the summer months).
  • The Student Support Center on your campus can also assist you. Current students can visit our resource page on the MyECC portal.
  • The Welcome Center at (716) 851-1322 or can also provide academic department contact info.

3. Register.

Once you have updated your Academic Plan in consultation with an advisor, you may register for class sections using this plan. Helpful videos to complete registration can be found here. You can also contact the Office of Registration for assistance: (716) 851-1467 or

4. Confirm your schedule.

Confirm your schedule by viewing it in Workday: "View My Courses" in the Academics dashboard.


Business & Public Service

Faculty Contact Information

Mr. Juan Martinez, Dean of Business & Public Services
City Campus Rm. 501, 851-1257

Allicia Bolden, Office Assistant to the Dean
City Campus Rm. 573, 851-1126

Melissa Dennee, Business Administration Department Chair, City Campus Rm. 505, 851-1082

Kristin Kozlowski, City Campus Rm. 505, 851-1084

Melissa Lebedzinski, City Campus Rm. 505, 851-1082

Mark Onesi, City Campus Rm. 573, 851-1085

Schuyler Banks, North Campus Rm. B302C, 851-1527

Joan Bukowski, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. B302B, 851-1522

Lenora Darden, North Campus Rm. B300B, 851-1521

Lisa Kunkle, North Campus Rm. B208B, 851-1520

Tom Webb, North Campus Rm. B302B, 851-1573

Denise Wooten, North Campus Rm. B300B, 851-1526

Colleen Aungst, Department Chair, South Campus Rm 4221, 851-1726

Maryangela Gadikian, South Campus Rm. 4224D, 851-1711

Timothy Hoag, South Campus Rm. 4224B, 270-2686

Shannon Wise, South Campus Rm. 4224A, 851-1077

Tomasina Cook, City Campus 45 Oak Street Rm. 106, 851-1055

Michael Kozlowsk, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. B408, 851-1537

Gerald Gill, North Campus Rm. B408, 270-5286

Paul McElvein, North Campus Rm. B414, 270-5288

Julie Scalione, North Campus Rm. B408, 851-1562

Andrew Viglucci, North Campus Rm. B408, 851-1253

Kevin Barnas, Department Chair, South Campus Rm. 4102A, 270-4622

George Alexander, South Campus Rm. 4102, 851-1922

Kristin Goss, Department Chair, City Campus Rm. 464, 270-2886

Kyle Haak, City Campus Rm. 472, 270-2809

Heidi Knight, City Campus Rm. 472, 851-1394

Dorothy Johnston, City Campus Rm. 472, 851-1052

Lori Fallon, Department Chair, City Campus Rm. 204, 270-2654

Liza Franz, City Campus Rm. 204, 851-1154

Amy Kot-Barone, City Campus Rm 204, 270-2655

Dr. Rosa Gonzalez, Department Chair, City Campus Rm. O109, 851-1716

Joe Bauth, North Campus Rm. 113, 851-1290

Jaclyn DiaPaul, North Campus Rm. L107, 851-1291

Andrew Gonzalez, North Campus Rm. 6206D, 851-1288

Kristine Rave, South Campus Rm. 6206, 851-1983

Jennifer Sciandra, North Campus Rm. L107, 851-1579

Pam Simmeth, City Campus Burt Flickinger Rm. A102, 851-1225

Amanda Dixon, North Campus Rm. L107,  851-1000

Michael Kozlowski, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. B408, 851-1537

Jacqueline Bamrick, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. S150, 851-1035

Rob Lukasik, North Campus Rm. S127, 270-5254

Eric Paner, North Campus Rm. S150B, 270-5199

Eric Bassett, Department Technical Assistant, North Campus Rm. S122, 851-1395

Joe Krenitsky, Department Chair, City Campus Rm. O113, 851-1088

Richard Collins, City Campus Rm. O113, 270-5329

Stephanie Huffnagle, City Campus Rm. O113, 851-1089

Cyndi Dyll, City Campus Rm. O113, 851-1071

Joseph Strano, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. B714B, 270-5373

Engineering & Technology 

Faculty Contact Information

Dr. AdiamTsegai, North Campus Rm. G105,, 851-1500

Catherine Obzud, 851-1025 (Supportive Staff)

James Ruggiero, South Campus Rm. 2222, 851-1770

Joseph Uhrich, VTTC Rm. 07, 260-2625

Richard DiPronio, South Campus Rm. 2222, 851-1768

Andrew Sako, City Campus Rm. G57, 851-1026

Robert Gillis, North Campus Rm. B502, 270-4439        

Kevin O'Connor, 851-1763.

Joe Rivera, North Campus, Rm. B102A, 851-1754 

Peter Gullo, North Campus, Rm. B102A, 851-1757

Anthony Klejna, North Campus Rm. B102, 851-1517

Elaina Brewer, North Campus, Rm. BA05, 851-1506

Robert Stranz, City Campus Rm. G15, 851-1949

Joe Gawron, North Campus, 270-5947

Nathan Witkowski, North Campus Rm. B315A, 270-5896

Linda Donalson, South Campus Rm. 5112, 270-2669

Temesgen Kasa, North Campus Rm. B703D, 851-1507

Peter Gullo, North Campus Rm. B102A, 851-1757

Anthony Klejna, North Campus Rm. B101,, 851-1517 

Elaina Brewer, North Campus Rm. BA05,, 851-1506

Roberta Schlehr, South Campus Rm. 2101, 716-851-1827


General Studies

Faculty Contact Information

General Studies Office, North Campus Rm. K120, 851-1314

General Studies Office, City Campus Post Bld Rm. 443, 851-1070

General Studies Office, South Campus Rm. 4106, 851-1661

Health Sciences

Faculty Contact Information

Carrie Kahn, Vice Provost for Health Sciences, (716) 270-5167

Joan Castro, Office Assistant to Vice Provost for Health Sciences, (716) 851-1900

Jeanie Bryant, Department Chair
North Campus Rm. B613A, 270-5219

Dr. Jennifer Fendinger
North Campus, Office B613B, 851-1549

Amy Anderson, Department Head, North Campus Rm. S100G, 851-1369

Marlyce James, CDA, RDH, BS, MSEd
Interim Department Head
Dental Hygiene 
North Campus, Room S101-C 
(716) 851-1384
Carrie Kahn, Vice Provost for Health Sciences, (716) 270-5167
Abigail Harning, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. B615, 851-1669

Abigail Harning, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. B615, 851-1669

Karrie Kahn, North Campus Rm. G108, 270-5167

B. David Sylvia, Department Chair, North Campus Rm. B613D, 270-5298

Richard Washousky, City Campus Rm. 500, 851-1040

Shari Greenwood, City Campus Rm. 500, 851-1040

Dr. Patricia Losito, Executive Dean of Nursing, North Campus Rm. K218B, 851-1361

Lauren Watkins, North Campus Rm. K218A, 270-2955

Evelyn Post-Dunn, Department Head, North Campus Rm. 122B, 851-1320

Jean Wood, Department Head, City Campus O147, 270-4726

James Bierl, Department Head, North Campus Rm. G200B, 851-1531

John Godert, Department Head, North Campus Rm. B100A, 851-1570

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Faculty Contact Information

Adiam Tsegai, North Campus Rm. G105,, 851-1500

Dr. William Falls, North Campus Rm. T136, 851-1924

Chris Pulinski, South Campus Rm. 4211A, 270-2892

Andy Hyzy, North Campus Rm. K207, 851-1934

Sabrina Caine, City Campus Post Bldg Rm. 405, 851-1720

Amber Rhinehart, 851-1710

Nathan Naetzker, City Campus Rm. 304A, 851-1906

Derek Bateman, City Campus Rm. 541, 851-1090

Laurie Berkshire, City Campus Rm. 401, 270-2924

Marlene Crimmen, City Campus Rm. 543, 270-2646

Katherine Ellis, City Campus Rm. 543, 270-2641

Jill Kearns-Bodkin, City Campus Rm. 401, 270-2968

Robert Caputi, North Campus Rm. K109G, 851-1316

Victoria Cooke, North Campus Rm. K109, 270-2977

Colleen Dougherty, North Campus Rm. K109D, 851-1560

Azubike Kalu-Nwiwu, North Campus Rm. K109B, 851-1485

Richard Mancuso, North Campus Rm. K109D, 851-1365

Danielle Piver, North Campus Rm. K112A, 851-1331

Mary Altair, South Campus Rm. 4104E, 851-1792

Ray Barker, South Campus Rm. 4104B, 270-4691

Justyne Harris, South Campus Rm. 4104C, 851-1789

Marianne Partee, South Campus Rm. 4115A, 270-2683

Jason Steinitz, South Campus Rm. 4104A, 270-2695

Carl Stokes, South Campus Rm. 4108C, 270-2679

Robin Capasso, City Campus, Room 439, 270-5211

Andrea Escobar, City Campus Rm. 537, 270-2988

Cristel Mejia, City Campus Rm. 375, 851-1907

Nathan Naetzker, City Campus Rm. 304A, 851-1906

Brian Porter, North Campus Rm. S123, 270-2994

James Runfola, North Campus Rm. K109, 270-5755

Carmen Aquila, South Campus Rm. 2220C, 851-1795

Jackie Bossman, South Campus Rm. 2220C, 270-5336

Angela Crocker, City Campus Rm. 341, 270-5275

Ashley Haynoski, City Campus Rm. 341, 270-5128

Wei (Julie) Lee, City Campus Rm. 339, 851-1064

Timothy Musial, City Campus Rm. 341, 851-1057

Jill O'Malley, City Campus Rm. 341, 270-5127

Michael Sorrentino, City Campus Rm. 438, 851-1078

Patricia Bernard, North Campus Rm. T233, 270-2889

Lisa Bonaventura, North Campus Rm. T234, 851-1563

Christopher Mure, North Campus Rm. T238, 270-2897

Thomas Franco, North Campus Rm. T239, 851-1326

Jana Frustaci, North Campus Rm. T234, 851-1326

James Hyland, North Campus Rm. T237, 851-1326

Carol Mack, North Campus Rm. T237, 851-1417

Mary Pandolfino, North Campus Rm. T242, 270-5828

Justin Reynard, North Campus Rm. T244, 851-1577

Keith Scully, North Campus Rm. T236, 851-1319

Mary Anne Silsby, North Campus Rm. T233, 851-1318

Matthew Welchons, North Campus Rm. T236, 270-2975

Stephen Zawacki, North Campus Rm. T245, 270-2976

Kimberly Bailey, South Campus Rm. 3226A, 851-1372

Donald Gill, South Campus Rm. 3226B, 851-1793

Erik Gustafson, South Campus Rm. 3216C, 851-1794

Yolanda Lugo, South Campus Rm. 3226A, 270-2684

Stephanie Scharmach, South Campus 3226D, 851-1564

Mohammed Alsani, North Campus Rm. K149D, 851-1324

Gail Butler, North Campus Rm. K249B, 851-1485

Timothy Cercone, North Campus Rm. K149C, 851-1368

Christina Cornejo, North Campus Rm. K252, 270-2984

Deborah Doucette, North Campus Rm. K252, 851-1417

Tanusree Dutta, North Campus Rm. K249C, 270-2985

Michael Higgins, South Campus Rm. 3201B, 851-1790

Sherri Kobis, North Campus Rm. K249D, 851-1365

Andrew MacKay, North Campus Rm. K249D, 851-1363

Mark Marino, North Campus Rm. K249B, 270-5967

Linda Perel, North Campus Rm. K154, 851-1332

Adrian Ranic, North Campus Rm. K251B, 270-5828

Tracy Romesser, North Campus Rm. K149A, 851-1567

Bradley Streller, North Campus Rm. K154, 851-1331

John Trapasso, North Campus Rm. K249C, 270-2994

Matthew Budzinski, North Campus Rm. K151B, 270-5970

Mark Tiede, North Campus Rm. T137, 270-2977

William Falls, North Campus Rm. T136, 851-1327

Karen Wehn, North Campus Rm. T135, 851-1307

Yashu Xuan, North Campus Rm. T135, 270-2974

For more information:
Student Support Center, City Campus
(716) 851-1188

Student Support Center, North Campus
(716) 851-1488

Student Support Center, South Campus
(716) 851-1653