Tuition & Fees

SUNY Erie Community College offers affordable tuition rates while providing a high-quality education. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the costs associated with attending SUNY Erie.

You can estimate your net costs for attending SUNY Erie by using the SUNY Net Price Calculator.

Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

Students are required to affirm understanding of financial obligation to pay all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of registration. The student financial responsibility agreement provides important information about College policies and contractually binds the student to these policies.

Summary of Costs

All colleges have direct and indirect costs. As a student, you are responsible for all direct costs, but indirect costs are estimates associated with attending SUNY Erie and will vary from person-to-person.

Annual Cost of Attendance Direct Costs Indirect Costs
Tuition 5,200.00  
Fees (average) 735.00  
Books/Supplies   1,100.00
Personal Expenses   492.00
Transportation   1,500.00
Total 5,935.00 3,092.00


Detailed Listing of Tuition and Fees

New York State residents who are residents of the sponsorship area
or non-residents of the sponsorship area who present a Certificate of Residence:
full-time (per academic year): $5,200.00
part-time (per credit hour): $217.00

New York State residents who are not residents of the sponsorship area and do not present a Certificate of Residence:
full-time (per academic year): $10,400.00
part-time (per credit hour): $434.00

Non-New York State Residents:
full-time (per academic year): $10,400.00
part-time (per credit hour): $434.00
Off Semester, Off Hour, Off Campus:
part-time (per credit hour): $73.00

Mandatory Fees    
Student Life Fee (per semester)(12 + credit hours)1   $60.00
Student Life Fee (per credit hour)(1-11 credit hours)1   $4.00
Technology Fee (per credit hour)    $25.00
Transportation Fee (per semester)2   $80.00
Transportation Fee (summer - per semester)2   $40.00
Student Activity Fee (per semester)(12 + credit hours)3   $40.00
Student Activity Fee (per credit hour)(1-11 credit hours)3   $3.00
1 Programming for Health/Wellness, Diversity&Equity, Life Skills, Financial Literacy, Student Success, Student Leadership, Athletics, Commencement    
2 Campus Parking, NFTA Pass, Campus Shuttles    
3 Student Government, Student Clubs, Student Planned Events (i.e. winter ball, speakers, voter registration, etc)    
Course Related Fees    
Clinical Rotation Fee (per clinical class)   $25.00
Dental Hygiene Professional Development Fee (per year)   $75.00
EVOC Defensive Driving Fee   $400.00
I-Car Auto Body Fee   $200.00
Independent Study Fee   $30.00
Industrial Refrigeration Fee   $130.00
Lab Fee (per lab)   $80.00
Malpractice Insurance (not to exceed/year)*   $75.00
Nursing Test/Evaluation Fee (per semester)   $204.00
Refrigeration Handling Certification Fee   $25.00
Registration Fee (per semester)   $55.00
Other Fees    
International Students - Administration Fee - Full Time (Part-Time $75)   $150.00
International Students Health Insurance *   $600.00
Late Payment Fee (not to exceed 2x per semester)   $50.00
Re-registration Fee (per semester if cancelled due to late payment)   $30.00
Returned Check Fee   $35.00
START New Student Orientation Fee   $50.00
Transcript Fee (per instance, may be addt'l processing charge)   $7.00
I.D Card/Transportation CRAM Pass Replacement Fee   $20.00
Nelnet Tuition Payment Plan Fee   $75.00 
*Dependent upon premium charged to SUNY Erie - varies based upon age and semester attended    

Make a Payment

Payments can be made online by logging into Workday, by mail or in person at any of our three Bursar Office locations.

Tuition Due Dates 

Winter Intersession 2024 Final Tuition Due Date: 12/26/23

Spring 2024 Advance Registration Tuition Due Date: 1/8/24
Spring 2024 Final Tuition Due Date: 1/16/24

Summer I 2024 Final Tuition Due Date: 5/20/24
Summer II 2024 Final Tuition Due Date: 7/2/24

Online Payment

Online payments can be made 24/7.  Simply log into your Workday account and click on the View All Apps link then the Finances widget.  Select Make a Payment on the right side of the page. 
*Mastercard, Visa and Discover accepted (additional service fee assessed). There are no additional service fees for Automatic bank payments (ACH).

Mail Payment

Payments may be made by check payable to Student Account Services to your campus location. Payments must be postmarked by the tuition bill’s due date.
City Campus Bursar Office, 121 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY 14203
North Campus Bursar Office, 6205 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221
South Campus Bursar Office, 4041 Southwestern Blvd., Orchard Park, NY 14127

In-person Payment

Payments can be made in-person at the Student Financials Bursar Office at any of the three campus locations.  Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
**Hours may vary.   Please call in advance to ensure that the office is open.

Student Account Services Main Office, (716) 851-1888
City Campus, Room O150E (45 Oak Street), (716) 851-1164 
North Campus, Room S117, (716) 851-1463 
South Campus, Room 1209 and Room 5223, (716) 851-1889
Account Receivable (questions on accounts referred to a collection agency), (716) 851-1627

For your convenience, current semester payments can be broken down into easy installments through our payment plans. Please contact Student Account Services or see below for details. 

Tuition Payment Plans

SUNY Erie Community College partners with Nelnet Campus Commerce to let you pay your tuition and fees over time, making college more affordable. The payment plan is available for fall, spring and summer terms (not winter session). Please enroll before the tuition due date. 

Payment Methods

• Automatic bank payment, ACH (no additional service fee)
• Credit/debit card (additional service fee will be assessed)

Cost to Participate

• $75 nonrefundable application/enrollment fee per term
• $30 nonrefundable returned payment fee

Steps to Enroll

• Log into Workday from the Workday mobile app or web browser*
• Click Finances Worklet on the Workday home page
• Click Make Payments, Payment Plans, E-Refunds (Nelnet) link
* You may need to temporarily disable your Internet Browser’s Pop-Up Blocker

Target Dates to Enroll By:

Spring 2024

Payment plans available November 7, 2023

All remaining scheduled payments will process automatically on the 20th of the month.

Last day to Enroll Online Required Down Payment Number of Payments

Months of Payments

Payment Dates

Dec 16 none 6

Dec - May


Jan 18 none 5

Jan - May 


Feb 15 none 4

Feb - May 


Mar 16 none 3

Mar - May 



Summer 2024

Payment plans available January 29, 2024

All remaining scheduled payments will process automatically on the 10th of the month.

Last day to Enroll Online Required Down Payment Number of Payments

Months of Payments

April 6 none 5

Apr - Aug 

May 8 none 4

May - Aug

June 6 none 3

Jun - Aug

July 6 none 2

Jul - Aug


Note: All application/enrollment fees are processed immediately!
Important: Students must apply for a Nelnet Campus Commerce payment plan by the due date indicated on their SUNY ECC billing.

For additional help, please call Nelnet Campus Commerce at 800.609.8056. Customer Service Representatives are available Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. CST. Account information also available online.

For more information, contact the Bursar office at (716) 851-1888.

Tuition Liability Policy

View the tuition liability policy

Student Account Dispute

Use the Dispute link below ONLY If you believe that your student account balance reflects incorrect charges. This may include, but is not limited to nonresident tuition rate, late fees due to delayed financial aid payments, transportation fees if all courses were distance learning in the term, or other possible billing or payment application errors. Changes to registration status or special circumstances cannot be resolved by the Bursar. Please see below for more information. 

Students that believe they dropped a course prior to the end of the add/drop period, never attended a class, or withdrew from a course in which a grade was recorded must contact the Registrar for assistance. Student must have officially dropped a course or are liable for charges.

Students seeking a late withdrawal or administrative drop due to special circumstances that affected their ability to successfully complete their courses must initiate this process by meeting with a Counselor at any campus.

Student Account Dispute form

Residency and Certificate Of Residence

Residency Policy 

Certificate of Residence Information 

Certificate of Residence Application

NYS Home County Links 

Direct Deposit is a convenient way to receive your refund faster. Simply provide your bank account information, and we will deposit funds directly into your bank account.

Register to receive your refund:

  • Log into Workday at
  • Click Finances Worklet on The Workday home page
  • Click Make Payments, Payment Plans, E-Refunds (Nelnet) link
  • Click Manage Refunds

Request Form to Reissue Refund

Explanation of Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change upon approval of the SUNY Erie Board of Trustees.

This fee is charged to students in their senior year, who complete laboratory rotation at affiliated clinical sites (Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Erie County Public Health Laboratories, Eastern Niagara Hospital, American Red Cross, etc.). Students may perform clinical laboratory procedures at the affiliated hospitals under the direct supervision of laboratory technologists. Laboratory material and administrative costs for these rotations are covered by this fee.

Students whose accounts are referred to a collection agency will be liable for these additional costs. The cost will vary depending on the amount of debt. The current cost will be 30% of the balance due to SUNY Erie. These fees cover the expenses paid to the collection agencies.
Students in the dental hygiene curriculum join into a professional organization giving each student the ability to use their certification for job and experience updates.
Distance learning fees are accessed on a course-by-course basis for internet classes. This fee is for online delivery and computer helpdesk support.
Administrative costs over and above the general student are accessed to international students. Governmental compliance and paperwork are additional work loads.
Students are all issued a free identification card which is a mandatory security requirement. If the card is lost, stolen or destroyed, this fee is a charge for a replacement card.
Students that are cancelled due to low enrollment may be offered an independent study course to work directly with the instructor. These students are charged an independent student fee for individualized instruction.
This fee is charged to international students per semester as referenced above.
All international students must have international student health insurance coverage (ISO Med 1) or equivalent. The cost may fluctuate depending on age and insurance rate changes.
The lab fee is intended to cover the cost of lab materials and supplies used by the student in the lab or lecture/lab courses and is assessed on a course by course basis.
A late fee will be assessed to any student whose fees are not paid by the due date. A second late fee and possible collection cost will be assessed for continued delinquency.
College credit can be earned by applying for a review of life experience that may apply to a specific class or program. This is done through academic analysis and approval. The charge for the evaluation of this material is the Life Experience Assessment fees.
If requests for life experience evaluation are for over six credit hours, additional fees will be applied per credit hour requested by the student.
Medical malpractice insurance is mandatory for all students with client contact (full-time and part-time) in the health science programs.
The Nelnet Payment Plan is a sensible alternative to meet the cost of tuition and fees for the academic year. This payment plan can be joined by submitting a non-refundable fee of $75. This is a one-time charge per semester and no interest is charges to the program.
The nursing program has a requirement to take a state exam to finish the qualifications for the degree. This fee covers the cost of the exam and professional fees.
The college offers students the ability to copies with Xerox copiers stationed throughout various campus locations. Due to excessive copies, a quota has been set up for each student. When the quota is reached a student must pay .15 per copy to cover the expense of the paper, ink and machine.
A first year experience fee covers the cost of an orientation program offered to all new students. This covers personnel expenses and the cost of materials.
Full-time students are automatically charged for a mandatory accident insurance plan that covers unpaid medical/surgical expenses, up to a maximum of $2,500 on the event of most types of accidental injuries that occur either on or off campus.
The student activity fee is used to fund campus groups and programs.
A registration fee is added to anyone who registers after advance registration.
A re-registration fee is added if your bill is not paid by the due date and you re-register after cancellation. Students who do not have tuition and fees paid or deferred by the due date will have their registration cancelled.
Any student that bounces a check at the bank will be charged a returned check fee. The college incurs charges for bad checks and this is used to offset the cost to the college.
This fee supports computer technology, operations, upgrades and improvements in laboratories and classrooms.
A small fee is charged for the processing of official transcripts. The fee covers the charge the college pays for certification through a service. Student copies are free of charge.
A transportation fee is added to all students attending a class on one of the campus locations. The fee covers parking, security and a bus pass. It also assists the college in providing greater access to the campuses to take courses or attend activities, as well as providing expanded safety and security services and educational workshops for students.
A transportation ID is issued in cooperation with the NFTA bus company for students to get free transportation fro the semester they are attending. If the bus pass is lost or stolen a replacement charge is incurred for a replacement.
For more information:
Bursar Office,
(716) 851-1888