Student Support


Student Support Services at SUNY Erie focus on realizing the full human potential of each student, and on providing the services students need to have a successful college experience.  
College staff are here to help you resolve problems, mitigate crises, and adjust to our community standards. We can provide referrals to on- and off-campus support services and direct you to meaningful student engagement and leadership opportunities that will foster your personal development while on campus.
In addition to the resources listed on this page, visit the Transcripts & Records page to learn about your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Office of Equity and Diversity’s resource page to learn about Title IX and available community resources.
Current students and staff can visit our MyECC portal page for specific information and resources on College Policies and the Student Code of Conduct.

Students in need of assistance can also contact your Campus Dean of Students:

Dean of Students-North, Jason Perri, (716) 851-1421,

Dean of Students-South, Amy Yoder, (716) 851-1621,

City Campus students, please contact either Jason or Amy.

Academic advisement is a major element of student success. Effective advisement gives you the opportunity to connect your academic aptitude with your educational goals.
The Health Office at each campus is staffed by a registered nurse. Students may seek first aid for on-campus sickness, injury, consultation, and/or referrals.
Career Services helps students and prospective students explore majors and career options.
SUNY Erie recognizes the difficulty associated with juggling school, work and parenting. To assist our students, the college offers childcare at City, North and South Campuses for the children of students, faculty and staff.
The College Safety Office to provides for the safety of students and for the security of the buildings, grounds, and equipment of the college. The College Safety Office also maintains a Lost and Found Department.
The Equity and Diversity office is committed to creating awareness, increasing resources and providing opportunities.
The Student Access Center provides a range of support services to assist qualified students with disabilities equal access to SUNY Erie’s service programs and activities.
Explore the many resources our SUNY Erie Libraries offer.
Explore our opportunity programs, including Say Yes, Summer Success Academy, Men of Merit, Educational Opportunity Program, and MOMs.
Learn more about the parking and transportation options available at our three campuses.
To increase the number of students that finish their degree on time, SUNY’s Advancing Success in Associate Pathways (ASAP) program was designed to provide an unparalleled level of support – both inside and outside of the classroom.