Construction Management Technology


Program Description

No other country matches the United States in new construction projects. American companies are also involved in projects worldwide. With these expenditures has come the growing demand for construction workers and technicians prepared to spearhead this monumental rebuilding effort. Homes, highways, buildings, plants, airports, and bridges will require the handiwork of master builders and the Construction Management Technology Certificate will provide some of these technicians.

The educational objectives of the Construction Management Technology Certificate are to:

  • secure employment in a technical career related to construction management and supporting staff; and/or
  • continue education to obtain a two-year A.A.S. Construction Management Engineering Technology at SUNY Erie.
    Students are provided a sound education in both the theory and the application of quality construction principles for a variety of construction projects. Students learn the basic methods, materials, techniques, and developments involved in the construction industry.

The Construction Management Technology Certificate Program offers the students a unique combination of management, design, and hands-on experience. Through a series of construction management courses, students learn about the construction industry as a whole and analyze the interrelationships of the various organizations within the industry. In the laboratory, students master blueprint reading, quantity take-offs and the estimating of residential and commercial projects. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation with a Certificate in Construction Management Technology.

The Certificate will provide individuals an opportunity to qualify for positions such as construction manager assistants, field supervisors, building inspectors, contractors, field clerks, purchasing agents, surveying crew, expediters, estimators, and construction materials salesmen. The Certificate will focus on individuals who already have some field construction experience and would like to advance, and for individuals currently working in construction support services fields.

The Certificate will meet the needs of today’s changing construction environment by providing new job opportunities in Construction Management. The projected percent change in employment from 2019 to 2029 for construction managers in the U.S. will have an average growth rate of 8 percent. (Based on the U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook)

Program Details


Upon graduation with a Certificate degree in Construction Management Technology, the graduate will be able to:

  1. communicate through graphic, written and oral expression the elements of construction.
  2. apply appropriate techniques to administer and evaluate construction contracts, documents and codes.
  3. estimate material, labor and costs of construction projects.
  4. apply fundamental computer methods and analytical techniques in sub disciplines related to construction technology.
  5. recognize the need for ethics and engage in lifelong learning; including a respect for diversity.