Driving Programs

Driving programs focus on an individual driver's responsibility to interact lawfully within the traffic system to create and maintain a safe environment for all drivers.

The curricula emphasizes personal accountability, awareness of laws and their impact on the whole community, and are designed specifically for the needs and types of drivers in the different programs.

Courses Offered


SUNY Erie is not offering Driver Education classes at this time. Please check back in the Fall for an update.

SUNY Erie is not offering NYS Impaired Driver Program classes at this time. Please check with the DMV if you have any questions

This is a three-hour, instructor-led online course, which offers the benefit of a reduction of a moving violation to a non-moving violation. The course discusses defensive driving techniques, as well as providing up-to date information on the NYS laws concerning distracted driving, texting, cell phone use, drowsy driving, safety belt, child restraints and drinking driving laws. Western New York courts use our driving school to help the traffic violator improve driving attitudes.

NoteDrivers must complete this course at least 7 days prior to their “return to court” or “pay fine” date. Drivers must provide their date of birth, name of court, name of Judge, and return to court/pay fine date during the registration process.

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