EMT (Emergency Medical Technology) Basic Course (Eg113)

EMTs needed!

The 'EMT Basic' course (course number EG113) is offered by the Emergency Medical Technology department and is available at both North and South campuses.

  • awards 8 credits
  • may fulfill open electives
  • can lead to clinical experience and field experience

Course Description
The fundamentals of basic life support, human anatomy and physiology, assessment-based care of medical and trauma emergencies, extrication and transportation form the core of this course. Cardio electrophysiology and rhythm recognition using semi-automatic defibrillators is taught. Basic cardiology, rhythm recognition and cardiac defibrillation using semi-automatic equipment and assistance with patient’s prescribed medications are also included. Guest lecturers from in-hospital and pre-hospital field units are utilized and students are required to spend 10 hours of clinical observation in the area emergency departments. The clinical sites require verification of physical exam and immunizations. Successful completion may lead to New York State Basic EMT Certification. A Homeland Security component is also built into the course requirements.

Requirements for NYS Basic EMT Certification:  100% attendance is required for eligibility to sit for the NYS written exam; student must be 17 years of age, and have no criminal record, in order to sit for exam; student must have a minimum of 80% overall course average; student must pass the final practical evaluation; and ten (10) hours of clinical time must be completed and documentation on file with the course instructors.  Course Outcomes - Upon satisfactory completion of EMT Basic, students are permitted to sit for the New York State EMT Certification exam.

Why take the 'EMT Basic' course at Erie Community College?
The 'EMT Basic' course can be taken without enrolling in other coursework or being part of a degree program. Anyone can opt to take the EMT Basic course at SUNY Erie Community College that awards 8 credit hours.  

Other related SUNY Erie degree/certificate options to enhance career options:

  • Emergency Medical Technology, Paramedic: A.A.S. Degree program is offered here. The EMT Basic course is a prerequisite for this degree program.
  • Emergency Medical Technology, Paramedic: Certificate program is offered here. The EMT Basic course is a prerequisite for this certificate program.
  • Emergency Medical Services Provider: Certificate program is offered here and does require you to take the EMT Basic course as part of its certificate requirements.

College Student Services:

  • SUNY Erie's Student Access Center provides students with support services. If you received services in secondary school for a disability and had a 504 plan or IEP, you can receive those same services at SUNY Erie by registering with the Student Access Center.  
  • Credit Hours: Cross-registration is available with local colleges and universities. If you are attending college and have open electives to fulfill, the EMT credit hours may apply. Ask your home college registrar about their cross-registration policy. 

SUNY Erie is affordable:

  • FASNY HELP Tuition Grants: Active volunteer firefighters can apply for FASNY HELP 
tuition grants. These grants cover up to $1,500 per semester. Visit FASNY Help Tuition Reimbursement Program 
for more information. 

  • Financial Aid: Students who are enrolled in other degree programs at SUNY Erie or other 
colleges can take the EMT course at SUNY Erie as part of their full time course load to fulfill open electives. NYS Bureau of EMS funding for EMS providers who are active with EMS agencies can be granted in addition to financial aid. 

  • Scholarships are available through the SUNY Erie Foundation.

For more information:
Abigail Harning, North Campus
Room B615
6205 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 851-1669

Joseph Gonter, South Campus
Room 3130D
4041 Southwestern Blvd.
Orchard Park, NY 14127
(716) 851-1695