Human Services


Program Description
The Human Services Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for employment at human service agencies serving children and adolescents, refugees, immigrants, veterans, mental and physical health clients, disabled, the elderly and families.

The certificate program is further designed to expose students to a variety of theoretical, as well as practical, human service skills and concepts in order to meet the demands of the workplace. It is expected that students completing the certificate program will be familiar with, and able to apply, an understanding of human behavior, a variety of communication skills and a diversity of therapeutic approaches to their chosen clientele.

Students who successfully complete the Human Services Certificate Program may apply their credits seamlessly into the Associate in Arts degree program in Social Science, as well as General Studies. In addition, the coursework can be coupled with many other degrees.


Program Details

Campus: City, North

Pre-Admission Recommendations: HS or HSE Diploma

For more information:
Laurie Berkshire, North Campus
Room K109A
(716) 270-2924

Carl Stokes, City Campus
Room 545
(716) 270-2679