Program Description
The Nanotechnology AAS degree program is designed to help prepare students from a broad range of disciplines for careers in fields involving Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is engineering at the atomic length scale, a size range which until recently was only available to nature. Being able to engineer such small structures opens the door to a multitude of new opportunities in the fields of electronic and semiconductor fabrication technology, micro-technology labs, material science labs, chemical technology, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical technology, and environmental science.

Students will study electronic device and circuit behavior, basic chemistry and fabrication techniques used to create micron and submicron scale structures. Techniques covered include reactive ion etching, metallization, thick and thin film deposition and photolithography.

Graduates will enter the job market with the skills necessary for positions in the following areas:

  • electronic/semiconductor fabrication;
  • biotechnology/biomimetics;
  • medical;
  • pharmaceuticals/medicine;
  • materials design and testing;
  • microelectromechanical devices (MEMs);
  • forensics/security/military/defense;
  • food processing;
  • automotive/textiles/cosmetics;
  • optics/photonics;
  • optoelectronics;
  • information storage;
  • sales/marketing;
  • university research; and
  • water purification.


For more information:
Elena Brewer, North Campus
Room BA05
6205 Main Street
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