Program Description
Changing patterns within the American legal system, along with the increased demands that have been placed on the services of the legal community, have created a need for a trained corps of legal technicians and paraprofessionals. Openings for trained paralegals are not limited to the legal profession, as the need for their services now exists and will continue to expand within business, industry and the public service sector in the foreseeable future.  According to the Department of Labor statistics, Job Outlook for Paralegals 2012 - 2022, indicates employment opportunities will increase by 17% (faster than average).

The objective of the Paralegal Program is to train students to assume responsible positions in law firms and in other institutions where knowledge of the law is essential. Armed with a broad knowledge of the law and business structures, graduates will be able to work effectively as paralegals under the supervision of an attorney. The Paralegal Program prepares graduates for positions in several areas, including legal offices, insurance offices, bank and trust services, real estate management, credit investigation, title abstracting, healthcare administration, computer software licensing, corporate offices and public service.  An increasing number of Paralegal graduates continue on to a four-year degree.  Some of them use this as a path to Law School

The curriculum offers the broad base necessary to withstand the demands of a paralegal career. Accordingly, the paralegal courses have been selected to provide sufficient legal theory for a comprehensive understanding of the reasons for, as well as, the nature and function of the many duties required of the paralegal with the major emphasis on a practical application of the law in law offices and positions where knowledge of the law is an integral part of the position.


Program Details

Campus: City

Pre-Admission Recommendations: Completion of Developmental English or Ability to Take EN110 (College Level English)

For more information:
Tomasina Cook, City Campus
Room O106
45 Oak Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 851-1055