Coronavirus Information


As part of the reopening of SUNY campuses across New York State, SUNY is answering the call for transparency and public safety by providing statistics on the COVID-19 case count at each SUNY campus and community.

For more information and to view the data, visit SUNY COVID-19 Case Tracker.

Latest Updates
Campus Access
Contact Information

Latest Updates

Spring 2021 classes: Lectures and most labs (most of the natural sciences) will be conducted remotely (on-line). Only courses that cannot be taught on-line, such as those requiring specific equipment like dental hygiene and construction, may be conducted face-to-face with social distancing accomplished by reducing the numbers of students in each section.

Students who attend face-to-face instruction during the Spring 2021 semester must participate in ongoing, SUNY mandated COVID-19 testing. COVID testing will be provided by the college at no charge to the student, starting January 13th. For more details, view the Spring 2021 COVID response plan.

As part of our comprehensive strategy for controlling the spread of COVID-19 on campus, we are deploying #CampusClear, a daily self-screening app and campus FastPass.

Faculty and staff are available to help you register for classes. For more information, visit: Register for Classes

Food Pantry: December 9, 2020: SUNY Erie Campus Food Pantries will be open for in-person visits on a limited basis. Appointments are required to ensure you are able to receive a nutritious 7- meal prepacked bag for your household. 

Cares Act: The CARES Act awards emergency grants to students to help them manage costs they took on as a result of SUNY Erie's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional information, the Student CARES Act Info page.

View the SUNY Erie Reopening Plan (updated 9/21/2020)

Campus Access

Computer/Internet Access

ITS Open Computer Areas will open up on 2/8:  Monday - Thursday: 8am - 4pm.

Please note that Library services will be available remotely only.

Bring Your Own Device

While, the College still maintains computer labs on campus, we are steadily moving towards a mobile computing environment. SUNY Erie recommends that each student have a personal laptop that meets the requirements for their coursework. For more information, visit the BYOD page.

Entering Campus

In order to access the campuses, you must enter through the checkpoints noted below and follow all testing and health screening protocols. For details, view the Spring 2021 COVID response plan.

Screening locations are as follows:
South Campus: Walk Up Screening in Building 6
North Campus: Walk Up Screening in B Building and the S Building Security Office
City Campus: Walk up screening in the Post Office Building, Swan Street foyer


For the Spring 2021 semester:

Registration for the spring semester has begun. To register for classes, login to your WebAdvisor Account. Watch the short tutorial about WebAdvisor.

All instruction begins on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Similar to the fall semester, the spring semester will offer a mix of remote and face-to-face instruction.

If all of your Spring classes are remote:

You do not have any quarantine or COVID testing requirements.
You will begin your Spring classes remotely the week of January 19

If you have any face-to-face classes for the Spring2021 semester, the following apply to you:

  1. Phased in start for face-to-face classes
    • Some face-to-face classes will begin on campus instruction the week of January 19.
    • All other face-to-face classes will begin remotely the week of January 19 and transition to on-campus instruction beginning the week of February 1st.
    • See the attached list.  If you do not see your course on the attached list, your course will run as remote for the spring semester.
  2. Mandatory Seven Day Quarantine prior to the start of face-to-face instruction
    • Students will be required to quarantine prior to returning to campus for face-to-face classes.
    • More information will be forthcoming.
    • COVID-19 Testing Requirements at the start of the semester for those on campus
  3. All students and staff will be required to test at the beginning of their scheduled face-to-face return to campus.
    • Information on how to schedule testing will be sent to those required to test in the next few weeks.
  4. Continued Spring Semester COVID-19 testing
    • All staff and students who are regularly on campus during the spring semester will be required to continue testing throughout the semester.
    • More information on testing scheduling will be forthcoming. 

For more information, including testing protocols, view the Spring 2021 COVID response plan.

View the list of on-site classes for Spring 2021.

Depending on the severity of the pandemic, SUNY Erie will be prepared to move all instruction, (i.e., Lectures and labs) remotely.
Any onsite learning will be conducted with appropriate social distancing, increased disinfecting protocols, and appropriate PPE where necessary.

Contact Information

Office Contact Info Office Status
Admissions 716-851-1188
Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service.  
Advisement Counseling - City 716-851-1188
Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service.  
Advisement Counseling - North 716-851-1488
Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service.  
Advisement Counseling - South 716-851-1653
Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service. 
Athletics 716-851-1294 Gyms and fitness centers closed until further notice.
Bookstores City: 851-1051

North: 851-1264

South: 851-1264

North and City:
Open M-Th 9am-3pm, Fri 9am-1pm
Limited in store shopping, ship to home recommended for online orders.
Rental Check-in at North and City during store hours.   

Store Closed

Order online, ship to home or Pickup at North or City upon request.

South Rental Return:
Dec. 21, 22, 23 
10am- 2pm
Building 5, Room 5107 

Bursar 716-851-1888 or
Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service.
Campus Shuttle   Visit for the latest schedule.
Career Services North & City:


Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service. 
Child Care City: 851-1150

North: 851-1437

South: 648-5219
Students, faculty and staff can enroll by contacting the Childcare Directors at the campus centers.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 7:30am-4:00pm

The on-campus Child Care Center at South campus is currently accepting requests for the Spring 2021 semester. All requests are due by January 22nd so a determination can be made concerning opening the center on February 1st.

Please contact the South Campus Director by January 22nd:  
Pamela Jasinski:
Child Care slots are also currently available at the North and City Campus Child Care Centers:
City Campus, Brenda Feidt:                  
North Campus, Amy Cepeda:

Crisis Services Samantha Kellogg, MPH
Available by appointment only. Assistance for those who have experienced dating violence, family violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
Dean of Students - City Campus 716-851-1120
Call or email for assistance.
Dean of Students - North Campus 716-851-1420
Call or email for assistance.
Dean of Students - South Campus 716-851-1620
Call or email for assistance.
Dining: Kats Kash Meal Plan 851-1260 Call for assistance.
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Naomi Diaz, Director 

Nikki Howard, Counselor

Roslyn Jones, Counselor

Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service.  
Fitness Centers and Gymnasiums   Closed
Financial Aid 716-851-1477
Remote services from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service. 
Food Pantries 716-270-4450
December 9, 2020: SUNY Erie Campus Food Pantries will be open for in-person visits on a limited basis. Appointments are required to ensure you are able to receive a nutritious 7- meal prepacked bag for your household. Please visit the Food Pantry webpage for more information and to schedule your appointment on the campus most convenient for you.
Food Service City Cafeteria
City Café only
M-F 8am -1:30pm
Health Center - City Campus Please call ahead for a sick visit.
Open M-F 9:30-3:30. Also available beyond those hours by phone or email.
Health Center - North Campus Please call ahead for a sick visit.
Open M-F 9:30-3:30. Also available beyond those hours by phone or email.
Health Center - South Campus Please call ahead for a sick visit.
 Open M-F 9:30-3:30. Also available beyond those hours by phone or email.
Independence Bound/Youth Engagement Services Terry Kirby, Project Director

Snejana Brooks, Senior Mentor
Remote service from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service.  

International Student Services 716-851-1359 or Call or email for service. 
ITS HelpDesk 716-851-1835
Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm
Chat is now available on the HelpDesk website during business hours.

ITS Open Computer Areas North: (716) 270-2696
City: (716) 851-1072
South: (716) 851-1729
Areas will open up on 2/8:  Monday – Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Libraries North: (716) 851-1273
City: (716) 851-1074
South: (716) 851-1772

Virtual Library Services- All Campuses
Library website:
Library Chat:
Text Us: (716) 791-5154

Mon - Thu: 8am - 8pm
Fri: 8am - 4pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed 

Men of Merit 716-270-6439 Closed to walk in service. Call for service.
Mental Health Clinic OLV Human Services Julie Maldonado
Currently taking virtual appointments.
Middle Early College High School 716-851-1176 Closed to walk in service. Call for service.
MOMs Program 716-851-4615
Closed to walk in service. Call or email for service.  
Registrar 716-851-1467
Remote service from 8am-4pm. Call or email for service.
Say Yes Lauren McCarthy: 716-270-4721
Beth Holleran: 716-270-2668
Booker Piper: 716-851-1174
Closed to walk in service. Call for service.
Student Access Center - City Jenny Brodfuehrer, Counselor
(716) 851-1189

Maureen Sion, Technical Asst.
(716) 270-5299

Services available upon request.
Student Access Center - North Aaron Garmon, Counselor
(716) 851-1495

Dana Misenheimer, Technical Asst.
(716) 270-5304

On-campus office hours vary Monday-Friday
Dry Memorial Library, Room D114
Student Access Center - South Fran Moyer, Counselor

Josh Greenauer, Technical Asst.
(716) 270-5311

Services available upon request.
Testing Services 716-270-4693
On-campus testing and virtual testing by appointment only.
Go to the Virtual Remote Proctoring Request Form to submit an online request or call 716-270-4693 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday-Friday.
Transportation North: Please call ahead for appointment:
Welcome Center: 620 Main Street Williamsville, NY 14221 G122

City: Please call ahead for appointment:
Student Transportation 121 Ellicott Street Buffalo, NY 14203 POST Room 165

South: Please call ahead for appointment:
Student Transportation 4041 Southwestern Blvd. Orchard Park NY 14127 Room 5212
City & South (Transportation Office):  
Staff working remotely 8:00am-4:00pm

North (Welcome Center):
Staff working remotely 8:00am-4:00pm 

*Please note, bus passes are printed at city campus. Please call ahead of time to request that your bus pass is sent to north or south campus. Arriving to campus without calling ahead will result in processing delays. Thank you.

Please visit for shuttle schedules, parking services and other transportation FAQs.

Tutoring Visit for updated hours.
Veterans Affairs - City Cheryl Sawyer
Available via phone Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
Veterans Affairs - North Joann Arlotta-Johnson

Margaret Flynn

Available via phone Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
Veterans Affairs - South Theresa Tomczak
Available via phone Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm



The health self-screening application #CampusClear is an option for visitors, students and staff to use to complete their self-screening in order to access SUNY Erie campuses and properties during the COVID-19 pandemic. SUNY Erie students and employee may register their SUNY Erie email account to the app to complete the self-screening. All data is transmitted encrypted and only limited individuals, appointed by SUNY Erie will have the ability to unencrypt data for purposes of monitoring campus access, contacting symptomatic individuals, performing contact tracing and reporting. The app does not conduct surveillance or tracking other than the utilization of the app, furthermore the app does not use Bluetooth or GPS and will not track your location. View #CampusClear privacy policy from the vendor Please note, self-screening is only one part of the requirements for entering campus. 

What Happens to my Financial Aid if the College closes temporarily or classes are moved online
Students continue to remain eligible for any financial aid they receive through the College. In addition, as a result of Coronavirus, the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Office released guidance that provides schools much greater flexibility in administering federal financial aid programs (Pell, SEOG, Federal Direct Loans, and Federal Work-Study). If you have questions, please contact Financial Aid at: 
City (716) 851-1177 
North (716) 851-1477 
South (716) 851-1677 

Who should I contact if I do not have access to the internet, a laptop/tablet, and are unable to come to come to campus to access my online course?

Please contact your campus Dean of Students for assistance with this.

If I have the Coronavirus, will I suffer consequences if I miss classes?
You will not be penalized if you missed classes due to Coronavirus. The College has communicated with all instructors to ensure that classes will be able to be moved online. Your professor will work with you and will provide alternate solutions if you are ill. Contact your instructors by email if you have additional questions.

What happens if a faculty member is unable to continue teaching a class?
We have standard protocols for faculty members if they become sick or incapacitated. If a faculty member is sick and unable to teach another faculty member will replace them.

What resources are available for students experiencing financial emergencies due to Coronavirus?
The College is committed to supporting students who are experiencing financial difficulty or incurring additional expenses as a result of Coronavirus. Students who are experiencing financial insecurity should contact the Dean of Students Office.

I am feeling stressed what should I do?
We recognize that some of you are feeling growing concerns about family or friends, or about your own health. Please contact our Advisement Counseling and Student Support Service Centers during weekday office hours, as well as Horizon Health Services.

How can I avoid getting sick?
Please visit the CDC website for current recommendations.
What should I do if I become ill with fever, cough or shortness of breath?
Please visit the CDC website for current recommendations.


Learning and Working Remotely at SUNY Erie for Students, Faculty and Staff:

Visit the ITS Learning and Working from Anywhere website for helpful tips and resources, including information on how to troubleshoot technical issues, special offers for students, and frequently asked questions.

If you're considering purchasing a new computer, visit the Bring Your Own Device page for recommendations and frequently asked questions.

Library Resource Center

The SUNY Erie Library Resource Center has a number of ways to support you with online learning. Our library website is available 24/7 to bring you access to electronic books, articles, streaming video, and more. Visit the Library webpage.

In addition to our resources, we have librarians available to assist you remotely via email, text, chat, phone, and WebEx. Our contact information and hours are available here:

We’ve also put together a Continuity of Library Services & Resources webpage: Here you will find information on library renewals, free access to electronic versions of textbooks (eTextbooks), video tutorials for using library databases, and more.

Library research and instructional support for faculty and staff:
This guide will help you locate library research and instructional support resources as SUNY Erie moves to online learning in response to COVID-19: 

Equity and Diversity

As we begin a new semester, we are issuing a reminder that SUNY Erie places a high priority on maintaining academic programs free from sex/gender discrimination. Members of the SUNY Erie community should be aware of the following three important points:

1. The Equity and Diversity/Title IX office remains open via remote operation at this time. Anyone impacted by sex/gender discrimination should contact Tracy Archie, Title IX Coordinator, at (716) 851-1118 or to file a report. Investigations and interviews will be conducted remotely, and remedies provided, to assure that any sexual harassment, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, retaliation, or other sexually discriminatory behaviors are addressed promptly.

2. College policies on sexual misconduct apply to behaviors that occur in person between members of the college community, but also apply to online and virtual misconduct ( review the Code of Student Conduct Policy here). Any behavior that is prohibited by policy is also likely prohibited in cyber-forms, including cyber-harassment, cyber-bullying that is sex-based, and cyber-stalking. Members of the community are expected to maintain a tone of civility and respect in online classes just as they would in face-to-face classes.

3. Faculty and staff members, who are mandated reporters, are reminded that reporting of alleged sexual misconduct is expected when they become aware of incidents or allegations involving members of the campus community, regardless of how they learn of the potential misconduct, whether in person, in writing, or online.

For more information, visit:

Erie County’s Department of Health COVID-19 website:

NYS Department of Health COVID-19 website:

CDC’s COVID-19 website:

SUNY COVID-19 website: