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Emotional Health Support

Everything you are balancing in college and life can become very stressful. Everyone at some point needs a little help to overcome an adversity. You should know, you are never alone at SUNY Erie, we are always here to help each other.

Our Emotional Health Support programs will be with you every step of the way.

Wellness Toolbox

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Self help resources:

Family referral form

Wellness Coaching

Trauma Informed Care

Motivational Interviewing



Help a friend: 




How to Follow Your Instincts When You’re Worried About a Friend

How and When to Start a Conversation with a Struggling Friend

How and When to Help a Friend Reach Out for Support

When You’re Worried About a Friend Who Doesn’t Want Help 

Acadia University: How to Help A Friend Who's Struggling Emotionally

Ad Council: Seize the Awkward: How to Talk To A Friend About Mental Health

SUNY University at Albany Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program (Middle Earth Peer Assistance Hotline: 518-442-5777)

Healthy minds 



Connect with Erie / On campus resources:




Healthy minds 




Tips for recognizing

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Community Resources:




Crisis services


Info from OTA book 

Wellness programming







Wellness Wheel

Erie Connects Wellness Wheel with categories (spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, emotional, occupational, environmental, financial)

Woman doing yoga pose Spiritual
Find meaning In life events, demonstrate individual purpose and live a life that reflects your values and beliefs.
Women working out with weights Physical
Take care of your body for optimal health and functioning.
Man and woman smiling while looking at a phone Social
Build personal relationships with others. deal with conflict appropriately, and connect to a positive social network.
Young man thinking Intellectual
Be open to new ideas. Be creative. Think critically and seek out new challenges.
Woman and daughter hugging, smiling Emotional
The ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring.
Businessman holding breifcase Occupational
Seek to have a career that is interesting, enjoyable, meaningful and that contributes to the larger society.
Still lake with trees in the background Environmental
Be aware of the interactions between the environment community and yourself and behave In ways that care for each of these responsibly.
A pile of $100 dollar bills Financial
Live within your means and learn to manage your finances for the short and long term.