SUNY Erie Excels

SUNY Erie Excels is a comprehensive plan for the transformation of SUNY Erie.

SUNY Erie Excels - the Strategic Plan for Erie Community College - is the product of eighteen months of collaborative deliberation by the Board of Trustees, the Office of the President, the Institutional Planning and Assessment Committee, the Strategic Plan Working Group, the College Senate, five task forces, 30 work groups, and over 100 work group members that constituted the SUNY Erie Excels team. Members of all of SUNY Erie's bargaining units were involved in the development of SUNY Erie Excels. The final draft of the plan was approved by the College Senate and SUNY Erie Board of Trustees in June of 2016 and Excels is now in the first year of implementation.

Excels - SUNY Erie's Strategic Plan for 2016-2021

The plan is organized according to the five pillars shown below: Access, Completion, Engagement, Operations, and Success, with each of the pillars addressing some aspect of student achievement focused on ECC's mission. Get started by looking at the information below for additional details.
Excels: Access
providing Erie County with high-quality educational services in multiple modalities and locations while being fully representative of all segments of the diverse population of the county. Key Targets: 3% Annual Online Growth Rate, 18% Faculty Diversity Rate
Excels: Completion
the fulfillment of students’ considered goals as they advance through the institution. For some students, completion means getting a degree. For others it means acquiring a specific skill. The college’s responsibility is a joint one, however, as students must engage with us in the shared pursuit of the fulfillment of those goals. Key Targets: 62% First-Time/Full-Time Retention Rate, 2,300 Degrees Awarded Annually
Excels: Engagement
the interaction with our region, communities, and neighbors both inside and outside SUNY Erie’s walls. SUNY Erie’s relationship to its community and surrounding neighborhoods is essential to our identity. As we seek to serve the people of Erie County, we must find ways to engage our workforce and industry partners while also engaging in philanthropy, service learning, internships, and building a collegial working environment. Key Targets: 1 START-UP NY Firm Each Year, Increase to $1.5 Million in Annual Funds Raised
Excels: Operations
the effectiveness and efficiency of our physical plant, finances, and technology. SUNY Erie seeks to be an effective and an efficient institution with responsible finances, updated facilities, and a culture of continuous improvement. Key Targets: Establish Facilities Master Plan, Maintain Low Administrative Overhead
Excels: Success
the capacity of our students to achieve their post-SUNY Erie goals, whether these goals be in the area of continuing education, direct entry into the workforce, successful skills training, or personal growth. Key Targets: Achieve 57% SUNY Success Rate, Integrate Transfer Counseling during Intake